25+ Free Editable School Brochure Flyer Poster Templates

Hi! welcome back to edutechspot.com. Schools always deal with printable documents like brochures, flyers, posters, invitations, programs, agenda, awards, reports, and many others for various purposes. It is a daunting task to create those documents from scratch. Not all educators are familiar with graphic design software like adobe photoshop, illustrator, indesign, CorelDraw, and so forth. In fact, most teachers can use microsoft word, powerpoint, google doc, and google slides. Besides their being easy to use, these software are available in most computers, and some are free. Teachers who cannot afford the price of commercial software can use the free ones.

I would like to help other teachers by creating (adopting, and adapting the existing) templates in powerpoint so that other teachers can download for free and to easily edit. I will always update the number of documents in this page as I craft the new one. I am happy to share and I am open for suggestion and requests. Just fill in the comment to request specifically. Here are my templates for you:

25+ Free Editable School Brochure Flyer Poster Templates created with powerpoint

School Project Template 2 Pages front and back

This 2 page front and back flyer template can be used to inform news or school project related to biology or others. The brochure is dominated with green and blue. You can change the leave image with any picture you need. Change the logo with your school or organisation logo. You may as well change the kid photo in the front page. You can edit this brochure using microsoft power point or google slides.

Download: Edutechspot.com-Flyer-Template-School-Project biology

School Project Flyer Template Sport

This brochure can be used to display sport school project. As this is only a template, you can use it to display various information. It can be used for invitation to attend school sport competition. The colour scheme is brown, yellow, and green.

Download: Edutechspot.com-Flyer-Template-School-Project

Brochure & Flyer Template Red

I was inspired by a template design I found on google image. It was simple and elegant with red and black color dominating the page. White section is for the about us and blue picture about a surfer at the right top corner. I adapt and adopt some parts of the design. So, I remake it in power point so that it is easy to edit for further use. Change the font size and font family as needed. You can also put logo on the left top. The white circle bullet in the red section can be altered with any icon suitable with the information. The text is still in lorem ipsum. Be free to replace with yours.

Download: Flyer Template Red

One page School Program Flyer Template A4 Blue, Green, and Orange

Another inspired flyer or brochure template on the internet. This time I tried to create three colors flyer for school new program. The picture was taken from freepik.com here is the url:


You can change the photo with the one you desire. Select one of the three colors. You can also change with any color that suits your needs. I use some fonts that are available in most computers. Change the fonts as needed. Use google slide or microsoft power point to edit this template. Before printing, you can export or save it as pdf. Here is the download link. Enjoy and share. 🙂

Download: school program flyer Template Blue, Green, Red

College and New School Year Admission Flyer Template A4 Blue, Orange, Pink

This flyer or brochure template is for announcing a new school year program admission. Use the flyer to market your institution. This educational brochure is editable using google slide or power point. You don’t need advanced skill in using graphic design software. Just use the regular ones (power point and google slide). The page size is A4. If you need A3 size which is larger, you can edit the page size but be careful of the stretch. If you need a help with editing, contact me via comment or contact page.

I set the color to three, blue, orange, and pink. Of course you can select your desired colors. Feel free to modify. Here is the download link.

Download: College School Admission Education flyer template Power Point

If you are interested in other kinds of brochure or other similar design like poster or flyer, we have research poster template that you can download or copy to your google docs for free.

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