What to do if your teacher accuses you of using ai?

What to do if your teacher accuses you of using ai? the quick answer is: politely ask for redoing the task live right in front of the teacher, proving you can do it your self.

Ai is a threat to some teachers

I am a teacher, so I know that the use of Ai by my students is a threat for me. I cannot trust if my students do the writing assignment by themselves anymore. They used Ai, especially LLMA like chatGPT, etc. I can see it right away that their works were generated by Ai. I can see it from the diction, sentence structure, paragraph flow, the conclusion, etc. The word choice is apparently not my students capacity. Ai Generated text is too obvious for me. Ai is a threat.

The problem with this phenomenon is that my students view writing task as a burden, so they use Ai for cheating, for exit strategy, rather than viewing the task as a challenge for them so that they can train themselves, getting skilled in writing.

I view Ai as a threat because it prevents my students from advancing their writing skills. I need to create a strategic lesson plan to deal with this phenomenon.

Prove the teacher is wrong

If you teacher accuses you of using Ai, you have to prove him/her wrong. You have to show them that you did it yourself. If it were a writing task, ask your teacher to give you another writing prompt, and you do that writing task right in front of your teacher. You can use hand writing if necessary. Disconnect yourself from internet, to prove that everything is inside your head. You did not rely on Ai.

You might be given shorter time to prove this. Your teacher might not have enough time to witness you writing your own composition, but as you start writing your own piece, your teacher must be examining, observing, and contemplating, and than try to convince himself/herself that you are not cheating using Ai.

When the result is not as good as the work that you have submitted before, the one accused as generated by Ai, you do have excuse that writing a good one needs process of writing like: editing, proof reading, etc. You need to check here and there to make it perfect. Thus, within that short time, the flaw of your writing is excused.

Ask Re-Exam Politely, don’t argue with your teacher

A teacher is a grown up person. He/she, naturally, wants to be honored and respected. When you ask for re-exam so that you can prove that you did not use Ai to complete your homework, you have to ask politely. Don’t talk sarcastically to your teacher. Don’t argue. Use calm intonation and polite language. You will get what you ask for.

My Suggestion

Rely on yourself, not Ai. Ai needs internet, computer, and electricity. Once internet, computer, electricity goes down, Ai will be nothing. However, if you train yourself with multiple skills, whatever happened any infrastructure, you will stay winning.

Aliv Faizal M
Aliv Faizal M

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