IT Manager Resume Template

Use this IT Manager Resume template if you are that candidate. The resume style is two columns, with first column about 30% width and is with dark blue background. the right side is where you can put your names, professional profile, work experience, educational history, and other related skills you may what to expose to promote and advertise yourself.

Here is the preview:

IT Project Manager Simple Resume Template


As an IT manager, it is suggested that you have enough experience in related fields, such as senior ux designer, project manager, program designer, etc. You can also elaborate in more detail about each position that you have experienced with.

Don’ hesitate to showcase your contacts. be open.

To make it easy for the interviewer, you can summarize your skills. And to build trust more, you are encouraged to list your awards that you have received.

IT Manager Resume Template Created in Google Powerpoint but editable in Google Slides

This template was originally created in powerpoint, but as you may have known powerpoint is similar to google slides, so you can upload the powerpoint design of the resume template into your google drive account, and you can edit it further to match your needs.

Here is why this IT Manager Resume Template is good


The resume template for a person has several strong points that make it effective and appealing:

1. Clear and Concise Format:

  • The resume is well-organized, making it easy to read and navigate. Each section is clearly labeled, which helps in quickly locating relevant information.

2. Professional IT Manager Resume Template Summary:

  • The personal profile provides a succinct overview of your expertise and experience, immediately highlighting her qualifications as an IT project manager.

3. Relevant Work Experience:

  • The work experience section is detailed and directly related to her career as a project manager and UX designer. The inclusion of specific responsibilities and achievements demonstrates her capabilities and the value she has brought to her previous roles.

4. Skills Summary:

  • The skills summary is comprehensive and relevant to her field. It lists key competencies that are crucial for an IT project manager, such as project management, software development, and budgeting.

5. Educational Background:

  • The educational history is detailed, including degrees, institutions, dates, and specific areas of study. The mention of her GPA, minor, and thesis topic provides additional context about her academic background.

6. Awards and Recognitions:

  • Listing awards received is a strong point as it highlights your accomplishments and recognition by her peers and employers. This adds credibility to her profile and demonstrates her excellence in her field.

7. Contact Information:

  • The inclusion of a professional email, office address, personal website, and social media handle provides multiple ways for potential employers to reach out to her. This shows her openness to communication and engagement.

8. Specific Achievements:

  • The mention of specific achievements, such as being awarded “Most Outstanding Employee” and winning design awards, underscores her success and proficiency in her roles.

9. Technical and Soft Skills:

  • The resume balances technical skills (like software development and ERP) with soft skills (such as staff training and process improvement), reflecting a well-rounded professional profile.

10. Up-to-date Information:

  • The resume includes current and ongoing positions, showing that your is active in your field and continuously gaining experience.

These strong points make your resume stand out by effectively communicating your qualifications, experience, and achievements to potential employers.


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