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Newspaper template Google Docs. For educational purposes, newspaper is a highly recommended teaching media to enhance students’ participation in writing class. Writing class would be so boring If it were only a writing task on a paper. This will be more challenging and engaging to the students if they are invited to a classroom or school newspaper project. furthermore the editing will be faster by using the following newspaper templates or newspaper format. Here are our free editable newspaper templates google Docs:

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Creating your own google Newspaper template may take some time. Why don’t you used the already made newspaper article template? you don’t have to buy, we have some free newspaper template.

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Free Google Docs Newspaper Templates:

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1. News Article Template

This news article template google docs is very simple. You can edit it fast. You can modify this newspaper article template for students all the way you like. For simple classroom or school newspaper project, this option is worth choosing because this is one of the free editable newspaper templates.

This news article template features a broad row of single-column space followed by three columns for news articles. You have the option to insert images into the second column, positioned centrally. Nevertheless, you have the flexibility to adjust the newspaper layout and include or edit images in the other columns as well. Images can be placed either at the beginning, preceding the article, or following the news article template, providing simplicity in customization. It is primarily text-focused, offering ample space for textual content accompanied by sufficient imagery. Take a look at the preview of the newspaper format below.

news article template

More advanced student may find this news template suitable for them, especially when they have enough picture or photos to add into the news, making it one of the free editable newspaper templates.

This layout is also good for editorial newsprint. Students can play a role as columnist or journalist.

They can set an interesting headline and put more explanation, insights, and elaborations into each column.

Learning through publishing in newspaper like this is good to build their confidence and critical thinking. This kind of task can be done weekly or even daily. Becoming a newspaper publisher is so much enjoying for students.

By the end of the column, classified advertising may be added.

2. Perth Amboy Romeo and Juliet Newspaper article Template

Perth Amboy Romeo and Juliet newspaper template puts italic heading, offering the beautiful and elegant look. The subtitle is so catchy that it easily drives attention of the readers.

The headline stands with strong capitalised words, driving more focus to the main news and story.

It is divided into three column with clear line border of each column. The image place holder proves you with image caption right under the image, giving more explanation to the image.

You can put the image as the main figure to the news article template, or just a supporting image to a particular events in the article.

Each first paragraph of the news article template is capitalised and bold or strong. This bold section can be used to inform the location of the news or events described. Look at the preview template below:

newspaper article template

This design offers a simple look with strong headline. It can be used to deliver quick press release. Three spots of images is provided to add media.

newspaper interview template

Student can conduct an interview with specific figure like teachers. They can add quotes from renown personal.

If they have a news story, It is also possible to add in the last column.

3. Newspaper Report Template

The Changing Times Newspaper report template is a perfect template to express the old way of publishing world. The font illustrates typical news paper in the seventies, and it resembles in this news paper template.

This newspaper report template is suitable to bring serious news, issues, and stories. It can be politics and the like.

If you want to publish a serious news article or to make your newspaper classy, use this old times template.

Students in schools may be encouraged to participate in newspaper project. And, surely, they will put their best effort to write great content for this elegant news paper template.

newspaper report template

Classic design is another interesting style for newspaper template. This old fashioned font news magazine broadcasts news rigidly. The newspaper headline template is presented in old style font like papyrus.

It can be used for featured article. each news item can be separated using line.

Using this news template, students will learn how to run a news agency that are always ready with news aggregator.

4. The Sunny Side Press News Story Template

Let’s add another news story template. The sunny side Press news paper template is suitable for less serious news. This is good for newspaper project in elementary school level.

Introducing a particular personality through this news story template look can be exciting. School student can dig the information easily.

This news paper template is great for less text article. Support with more images to strengthen the evidence.

The sunny side press news story template

The sunny Side Press template supports various information. The middle column can be used to display a photo of a famous person.

Students can practice writing report. Another student can be the editor. If there is one who can draw well, she or he can draw advertisement to put in the bottom of column two. As long as it is carefully done, this news paper template can serve good layout or newspaper format.

The font size of the newspaper headline template can be set bigger.

5. Newspaper Article Format for Students of Elementary

Another great and appropriate free newspaper article format for students, especially for displaying news to elementary school students, is this simple basic template.

The text is justified, making it more space among individual word. Thus, children can read it easily.

You can add as many image as needed. This is for elementary school pupils, so more funny and colourful images can attract their attention and curiosity.

elementary student newspaper template

Kids will love editing this simple layout. They can write news about sport and make sports section in the layout, for example in column 1. This will enhance their loving sports journalism that they write in the sport page.

The last column can be for society reporting. They can write what is being talked by society recently.

School newspaper project is motivating. I believe in it. Students who love arts can publish a cartoon strip into the arts section. This will nurture their entertainment journalism skills. To make your own pictures you can use art websites free.

6. Elementary Student Newspaper Template Biology

School materials can be delivered to students not only in the classroom but also outside the classroom. Of Course, school newspaper will take into account.

This free newspaper template is suitable for displaying school subject articles like in Biology Class.

Information about selected animals like frog can be loaded here.

simple blank student newspaper template biology

Science project, for example biology project, can be presented in a newspaper format. After experimenting and exploring, students can report their findings into a newspaper page.

They can improve their scientific knowledge through research report. The projects may include: mathematics, biology, science, scientific method, astronomy, physics, chemistry, natural science, medicine, and many more.

7. Wooller School Newspaper Template

wooler editable simple blank newspaper template word and google docs

Westlake Girls High School newspaper template is a clean and simple layout magazine. Readers will be able to concentrate more on the informational text. However, an image, a big one, can be added in the beginning of the news.

It may cover a specific interest of the students so that readers are interested. Editor must select the article and edit it carefully to provide readers with easy to read text. This is also to build readership.

8. Wooller School Newspaper Template Left Aligned Image

wooller school student newspaper template two columns left image

This is exactly the same layout as the previous one. The only difference is that this one is divided into two columns.

9. Wooller Colorful newspaper headline template

The wooller free newspaper template offers you with interesting image carousel in the first line. It is followed by stand out newspaper headline template with blue background.

This news template is appropriate for displaying wide and big image with big newspaper headline template.

news paper template

The newspaper headline template of this format is realy eye catchy. Actually, the color can be altered as you wish. You can try with orange, pink, red, green, or any other color you like.

Many student like this format because the newspaper headline template is very big and it is easily spot by the readers.

Some pictures can be added right after or under the big headline. The picture can summarize all information that is presented in the newspaper.

10. Printable Blank Newspaper Template for Students

Hrvatski skolke vijesti Google Docs Newspaper Template

This newspaper templates google docs is a three columns layout. It was originally created to present simple news that focus on text. However, this templates google docs still provides some places for images with the width of each column.

The background is in grey, but it can be changed to other colors. Mostly, students change it to white. Most users like to use white background because printing newspaper templates google docs in color background like grey can make the paper sluggish because of the tint.

This was initially created in word document, but it can be imported to google docs and thus can be edited using google docs in google drive.

11.  Blank Newspaper Template

blank newspaper template

This blank newspaper template will serve your freedom in filling out any text and information you want. Using the blank layout, you will not be interfered by the already made layout that may hinder your creativity.

Some people, or maybe many of them like to use blank newspaper template because of its originality, clean, and clarity. This enables writer to view the overal structure so that a she / he can manage the flow of the content into each page.

For students who are learning to create writing project, blank newspaper template is helpful because the students can see the big picture. The students can learn how to cluster the information like where to put the headline, the main story, the text, the images, and ads.

Blank newspaper template like this one is highly recommended for those who do not like too many distractions.

12. Extra News Paper Microsoft Word Docs Newspaper Template

13. Empty newspaper template

Editable Blank Newspaper Template in Microsoft Word

I decided to create my own empty newspaper template by looking at some ideas on the internet. Here comes the Newspaper Template on Microsoft Word. This is editable in Word, I saved it in old format of microsoft word so that it can be edited in various version of Word, including the latest one, of course.

This newspaper layout is designed into four 4 columns with one big image on the right side. I use Lorem Ipsum text to fill in the column. You can change the image with the image suitable to your content.

Save it to your pinterest for later use.

14. Handy Newspaper Layout, useful for planning

Kindergarten Newspaper Template

**– Make sure you have logged in to your Google Drive account if you want to make a copy, otherwise you will see a blank page.

This is a simple newspaper template with red heading. It has only one page. It is good for kindergarten students to write their reports after visiting a zoo or any other places. The layout is very straight forward. Not confusing for elementary school students. They will find it easy to edit the template. This news template is not in Doc format, it is in power point format. The good news is that template in power point format is much easier to edit than templates in doc.

15. The Daily Chronicle Free Microsoft Word Docs Newspaper Template

16. The Daily Chronicle Ms Word Docs Newspaper Template With Big Headline Image

The daily chronicle Newspaper Template Word and Google Docs with Big Image Headline

this newspaper template word can be imported to google docs, but it is highly recommended that you edit this newspaper template word in microsoft word because microsoft word offers more flexibility in structuring the layout or the format of this newspaper template word.

The headline comes with big lines above and under the headline text, making it like surrounded by the lines indicating important information.

The three column coming after the headline comes with thin border to make the clustering of the the website, tagline, and dates clear.

The image receives the biggest portion as it covers almost more than half of the page.

The text is separated into three columns right under the big image. This layout can be continued to the next page.

17. Science And Technology google slides newspaper template

Science Technology Magazine Newsletter template

Explore our Google Slides newspaper template designed specifically for science and technology! With cool layouts and awesome designs, you can share all the latest science news and tech updates in style. It’s super easy to use, so you can focus on sharing all the exciting stuff you’ve learned. Whether you’re talking about space, cool gadgets, or amazing discoveries, this template has got you covered.

**– Make sure you have logged in to your Google Drive account if you want to make a copy, otherwise you will see a blank page.

18. The Daily Chronicle Elegant Word Docs Template With Headline Image

19. Colonial Times Old Newspaper Template Google Docs

colonial times old newspaper template retro

Old newspaper template is sometimes needed especially when reporting specific events in the past, like historical events. While it is not mandatory to use free old newspaper template, many teachers still recommend their students using blank old newspaper template docs so that the newspaper project result resembles old newspaper.

This old newspaper template is called Colonial Times. If you have ever head the term colonial before, you must know why this old newspaper template google slides is named colonial. Yes, it is related to how a big nation in the past tried to colonialized another country. Colonialism is not common anymore in the modern days. Colonialism is in the past, in the old time.

Newspaper Background Template

Actually, you can use any of these templates to create old fashioned or old looking paper. The only thing you need to do is to add / change the background of the article page with old paper texture and sepia colour that is a bit brown and orange.

Here are some old paper style tile/texture background that you can use. To download these backgrounds, select one, right click, and click on “Save image as”.

once you select and add the background image, your newspaper should look like this:

Vintage newspaper template

Old Fashioned Vintage Newspaper template edited by adding old paper style background

20. Wedding newspaper template

Pink Daily news newspaper template microsoft word left image

**– Make sure you have logged in to your Google Drive account if you want to make a copy, otherwise you will see a blank page.

This is the ultimate wedding newspaper template, with a delightful splash of pink! Celebrate your big day in style with this charming design that’s perfect for sharing all the love-filled moments. From engagement stories to wedding day highlights, this template has everything you need to create a memorable keepsake for you and your guests. With its elegant layout and romantic color scheme, your wedding newspaper will be a cherished memento for years to come. Let the love shine through with our pink-themed wedding newspaper template!

This structure is rigid and it looks well arranged. I can say that this is another clean and neat design.


fake newspaper template

Blue Big Headline Extra News Newspaper template

fake newspaper template is just another name of newspaper template. All newspaper that is not published by a formal publisher is fake newspaper.

Students’ newspaper project is another example of fake newspaper. That’s why some people try to look for fake newspaper template when they want to create newspaper pages that look like real.

You can use this extra news template as your fake newspaper template for you to start editing and inserting information.

In my opinion, it is not a good idea to try to make newspaper page that really look like the real newspaper because it can mislead.

This fake newspaper template is just for fun or for educational purposes in which students practice writing. Overall, this fake newspaper template is good for students to full their writing task.

21. Breaking News Newspaper Template

Single Page Newspaper Template Word Doc with Advertisement

This is a good newspaper template if you plant to show a kind of Breaking news.

Breaking news is usually important news that happens very recently. it is usually shown with big headline.

23. Custom Newspaper template

Extranews Newspaper Template Microsoft Word Docx Middle Wide

You can customize this custom newspaper template for further ideas.

24. Digital Newspaper Template with More Images Place Holders

25. Black and White Newspaper Template

Black Simple Typewriter Newspaper Book Report

This one is dominated by black, grey, and white. This is suitable for reporting book review. It comes with dates, submitter, and other information. Big image in the opening. The layout is actually three columns. The font that I use is Courier new. It’s a common font, available in almost all word processors.

This newspaper layout is in power point, so you can edit it in Microsoft power point or in Google Slide. If you want to edit it using Google Slide, first, you need to upload this file to your Google Drive so that you can edit it using Google Slides, which is similar to Power Point.


Newspaper Fonts on Google Docs

If you edit the newspaper template using google docs, you may want to change the font to one that you like.

While you can choose any font you most fancy about, there are several fonts that are usually used for newspapers.

There are so many fonts you can find in internet, let’s say ‘countless’, but not all fonts are available in google docs. Google docs may have similar fonts to those available outside google docs, but you may not know what they are called or what the names are. To make your search easier, I have listed some of most used fonts for newspaper documents in google docs.

  • Noticia Text
  • Domine
  • News Cycle

For Classical Elegant Fonts usually used in big heading title are Almendra Display and Unifraktur Maguntia. Here is the display:

Classical fonts used in big heading newspaper tittle

How to add more fonts in google docs

once you click on More fonts, a new window will pop up, like below:

Adding more newspaper fonts in google docs

For example, you want to add font “Noticia Text”. All you need to do is to type “noticia” in the search box, and the font name will appear in the search result box. Click on the result “Noticia Text”, and it will be marked, and in the right panel under “My font” you will see the font “Noticia Text” is added.

If you want to add other fonts, you can repeat the same step. Once all the fonts you need have been added to My fonts in the right bar, click on the button “OK”, and the font will be added to the font list, and you can use it to style your text in google docs documents.

See below:

google docs fonts for newspaper are added

Next time you want to use the font “Noticia Text”, the font is already there in the font list:

Noticia Text most used in newspaper has been added

Make sure that you select the filters, Scripts: All Scripts, Show: All fonts, Sort: Popularity.

If you want classical fonts, filter the search using Show: Serif.

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I receive a lot of sharing requests from many emails. However, it seems that their school prohibits receiving shared items. Here is the notification:

unable to receive shared newspaper template in google docs

The accounts that are unable to receive shared items include:,,,, and others that are not email.


  1. Ask the school if the IT support can allow the account to receive shared items.
  2. use email instead.
  3. Download the docx version of the newspaper template directly from, and then you can upload it in your google drive account so that you can edit it later using your google docs.

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