25 Free Google Docs Newspaper And Newsletter Template For Classroom And School

For educational purposes, newspaper is a highly recommended teaching media to enhance students’ participation in writing class. Writing class would be so boring If it were only a writing task on a paper. This will be more challenging and engaging to the students if they are invited to a classroom or school newspaper project.

To do the school newspaper project, a teacher may need news paper template to support this newspaper project for writing class. The easiest software to work with is Microsoft word or Google Docs in google drive. Thus, you teachers may need newspaper template google docs, or google docs newsletter template.

Creating your own google newsletter template may take some time. Why don’t you used the already made newspaper article template?

Here are the 20 Free Google Docs / Microsoft Word Newspaper or Newsletter Template For Classroom:

1. Simple Newspaper / Newsletter Template

This newspaper template google docs is very simple. You can edit it fast. You can modify this newspaper article template all the way you like. For simple classroom or school newspaper project, this option is worth choosing.

This newspaper template comes with wide row of single column and is followed by three article columns. You can put image in the second column, which is in the middle column. However, you can still edit or add images to the other columns. The images can be in the beginning, that is before the article, or after the article. This Google Docs newspaper template offers you with simplicity. It is a text heavy template. More text with enough images. Here is the preview:

2. Perth Amboy Romeo and Juliet Newspaper Template

Amboy Romeo and Juliet newspaper template puts italic heading, offering the beautiful and elegant look. The subtitle is so catchy that it easily drives attention of the readers.

The headline stands with strong capitalised words, driving more focus to the main news and story.

It is divided into three column with clear line border of each column. The image place holder proves you with image caption right under the image, giving more explanation to the image.

You can put the image as the main figure to the article, or just a supporting image to a particular events in the article.

Each first paragraph of the article is capitalised and bold or strong. This bold section can be used to inform the location of the news or events described. Look at the preview template below:

3. The Changing Times

The Changing Times Newspaper template is a perfect template to express the old way of publishing world. The font illustrates typical news paper in the seventies.

This newspaper template is suitable to bring serious news, issues, and stories. It can be politics and the like.

If you want to publish a serious news article or to make your newspaper classy, use this old times template.

Students in schools may be encouraged to participate in newspaper project. And, surely, they will put their best effort to write great content for this elegant news paper.

4. The Sunny Side Press Newspaper Template

The sunny side Press newspaper template is suitable for less serious news. This is good for newspaper project in elementary school level.

Introducing a particular personality through this newspaper look can be exciting. School student can dig the information easily.

This template is great for less text article. Support with more images to strengthen the evidence.

5. Elementary Student Newspaper Template Boxed Image

Another great and appropriate newspaper template, especially for displaying news to elementary school students, is this simple basic template.

The text is justified, making it more space among individual word. Thus, children can read it easily.

You can add as many image as needed. This is for elementary school pupils, so more funny and colourful images can attract their attention and curiosity.

6. Elementary Student Newspaper Template Biology

School materials can be delivered to students not only in the classroom but also outside the classroom. Of Course, school newspaper will take into account.

This newspaper template is suitable for displaying school subject articles like in Biology Class.

Information about selected animals like frog can be loaded here.

7. Wooller School Newspaper Template

8. Wooller School Newsletter Template Left Aligned Image

9. Wooller News On Paper Template

The wooller newspaper template offers you with interesting image carousel in the first line. It is followed by stand out headline with blue background.

This template is appropriate for displaying wide and big image.

10. Hrvatski skolke vijesti Google Docs Newspaper Template

11. Main Story Headline Microsoft Word Docs Newspaper Template

12. Extra News Paper Microsoft Word Docs Newspaper Template

13. Tabloid Template Microsoft Word Docs and PDF

The preview above is a pdf file. If you want to get the Ms Word Docs file template, you have to be a subscriber. Please go to the source: https://www.teachitenglish.co.uk/resources/ks3/media-texts/writing/how-to-construct-a-tabloid/1989

14. Handy Newspaper Layout, useful for planning

It came from the same source as the previous list. The preview above is the pdf view. Get the docs file so that you can further edit in your computer. To get the file, you have to subscribe.

15. The Daily Chronicle Free Microsoft Word Docs Newspaper Template

16. The Daily Chronicle Ms Word Docs Newspaper Template With Big Headline Image

17. The Daily Chronicle Microsoft Word Docs Newspaper Template

18. The Daily Chronicle Elegant Word Docs Template With Headline Image

19. Extra News Paper Microsoft Word Docs Newspaper Template

20. Colonial Times Old Newspaper Template Google Docs

21. Extranews The Daily News Pink

Download zip

22. Extranews Blue Newspaper Template For Microsoft Word Docs

Download Zip

23. Single Real Newspaper Template For Microsoft Word From Extranews

Download Zip

24. Extranews Wide Middle

Download Zip

25. Extranews Newspaper Template with More Images Place Holders

Download Zip

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