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SOP template google docs. The followings are some Google Docs SOP Templates that you can use to monitor or control the flow of a specific procedure. Using these Standard Operating Procedure Template Google Docs version, you will find managing a step by step process a lot easier. Here are they. Before copying the file to your Google Drive account, please make sure that you have logged in before. For more instruction, please read: How to make a copy of a file in Google Drive. Without further introduction, here you are:

Standard Operating Procedure Template Google Docs

Standard Operating Procedure Template Google Docs

SOP Title

This standard operating procedure template in Google Docs comes with a rigid design dominated by tables. Using table to present ordered process is a good way to manage the flow of a specific job that requires step by step controlling.

On the top left there is a title place “Standard Operating Procedure”. You can replace that title with your own title, more specific to your particular job procedure.

Department Name

On the right top is the name of the department, followed by SOP number, and the SOP title. It may look repetitive and redundant, but this detail functions more on archiving than the bigger title on the left.

The first table is to specify who the author, reviewer, and authoriser are. Each job position shows with the name of the one in charge, the title of his/her job, the signature, and the date.

Furthermore, using these details are very important to keep the track of every action within an industry, especially the date. The Date record in an SOP page tells valuable data for analysis and other observation purposes.

Effective Date

The middle table informs you with the effective date, and the review date. Again, date information plays a crucial role in managing standard operating procedure. Regardless of its small appearance, this effective date and review date have to be there.


The last table is to show who reads the document. Thus, it begins with a heading “READ BY”. The table comes with some columns: Name, title, signature, and date.

These columns title are similar to that in the earlier. This “read by” table is to inform that this sop page has been validated, verified by some corresponding people related to the job. Thus, this is to guarantee or a kind of cross checking or a triangulation for the validity of the data.

Later on, when there is a specific issue related to the job as written in that SOP report, all corresponding parties to this document can be invited for consolidation and confirmation. It can help track anything that possibly caused the specific issue for further solution.

Process Documentation Template Google Docs

SOP Template Step by Step

Simple SOP Title

This google docs statement of work template starts with a thick title “Standard Operating Procedure Title”. You can replace this title template with your own. Under the big title is a sub title in which you can add more detailed notes about the title. You can add longer notes as long as it still looks appropriate and does not violate the aesthetic element of the heading.

Department Details

On the right panel are some details of information including the department name, the SOP ID, the Date, and the Sign off that is filled by the department head. This piece of information located on the top right is essential for a quick look up about this document.


After the heading part is an opening sub heading with table “overview”. You can use this overview space for detailing the action or goal of the job as presented in the document.

If you are the manager who is responsible for handling this job, it is suggested that you take time to arrange a short overview paragraph for this document. Overview paragraph or sentences can educate the reader about what kind of information this document can serve them.

Definition of Key Terms

Subsequent to the overview part is the definitions part. This part explains some key terms or definitions that are important regarding to the explanation of information presented in this document.

This is to avoid misconception or misunderstanding about some specific terms that may have different meaning and interpretation when used in different field of expertise.

In addition, this also determines specific abbreviations that are used in this document. It is impromptu for a reader of this document to get themselves to know abbreviations for fast searching, identifying, and other data reading purposes, especially in the regarded document.

Prerequisite Skills

Next is the assumptions and prerequisite skills. Having a specific worker with a specific competence for a specific job is inevitable. This is to guarantee that the one responsible for a job is the one capable of.

For example, this document template lists two details: moderate computer skills and knowledgeable are needed, this SOP assumes that you know how to do a specific job. You can edit this part to adjust to your situation.

Necessary supplies

The last sub heading is the supplies needed. Certain supplies, tools, and other type of inventories need to be listed ahead. The availability of these goods support and determine the success of the procedure. These requirements differ among departments.

This example says that this procedure needs software, hardware, and tools. These are general categories. The real one should be the name of the software, hardware, and tools, even with more comprehensive details about them.

Free SOP Template Google Docs

Standard Operating Procedure Template

This Standard Operating Procedure template is a sample from City of Riverside. It contains:


Describe the process for. Describe relevant background information.


Identify the intended audience and /or activities where the SOP may be relevant.


Outline information required before proceeding with the listed procedure; for example, worksheets, documents, IFAS reports, etc.


Determine which members of staff are responsible for the most important aspects of the standard operating procedure (SOP), and explain how their duties are connected to the SOP. Please provide your contact information if it is required.


Please provide the necessary procedures for carrying out this operation (who, what, when, where, why, how). Include a flowchart of the procedure.


Create a list of materials that you may find helpful while carrying out the process, such as administrative policies, the Municipal Code, government standards, and other standard operating procedures (SOPs).


Determine and explain the meanings of any acronyms or words that are used often. Please include any extra and/or pertinent information that is required in order to comprehend this SOP.

Google Docs SOP Template

SOP Template with Table

This Google Docs SOP Template is very simple and straight forward. It comes with table dominated design. Surprisingly, using a table based SOP page design gives ease to the one responsible for filling out this report.

standard operating procedure sample doc

standard operating procedure sample doc

This is a standard operating procedure sample doc. you can download this template and you can edit it in your microsoft word or you can directly copy it into your google docs drive.

standard operating procedure sample doc

restaurant standard operating procedure template free

This is a restaurant standard operating procedure template free. you can download this template and you can edit it in your microsoft word or you can directly copy it into your google docs drive.

What is standard operating procedure?

A process is a precise series of instructions that explains how to execute a job. Procedures are crucial in a range of sectors, from pharmaceuticals to space missions to the automobile industry. Procedures are critical for ensuring product integrity in a variety of fields. A well-crafted method decreases the amount of uncertainty when it comes to executing a task. Creating processes enables an organization to do activities in a safer, more effective, and efficient manner.

Why Using SOP Document?

“Why should I write a procedure?” you may wonder. Unfortunately, when workers are charged with documenting how to do a job, this is a question that arises in their heads.

However, those who ask this question should keep in mind that they will not be the only ones responsible for completing the assignment. Procedures assist people who are unfamiliar with a job in reducing the amount of time it takes to learn how to do it. When duties are shifted to someone else, this lowers downtime. As a result of making processes simpler to understand by having them clearly documented, you’ll be able to recruit personnel more readily since you’ll already have procedures in place for their jobs.

Furthermore, protocols assist in clarifying an employee’s position. There is no uncertainty about what an employee should be doing when procedures for needed duties are established; everything is described in the procedures designed for their job. While a checklist merely lists the actions that must be accomplished, a process lists the tasks as well as information on how and why they must be completed.

Procedures also guarantee uniformity. Tasks are often delegated to multiple persons. This instantly introduces the risk of quality variance in the final output. However, having a system specified for the actions necessary to create a product dramatically reduces the likelihood of quality variance.

You will also empower your staff by ensuring that they know precisely what to do in the event of a situation defined in a process.

Using Google Docs to Create Procedure?

While you may develop processes on other platforms, Google Docs is preferred since it is accessible from any computer with an internet connection and has greater collaboration capabilities. These collaborative capabilities are beneficial for processes because they make it simple to exchange papers with the appropriate people.

When establishing your method on Google Docs, there are a few principles to follow. These are the following:

  • Examine which tasks need the creation of processes. Start with the procedures that are most important to your company, and then write out an overview of the actions involved in carrying them out.
  • To save time, create a template. You’ll almost certainly need to create many processes. Using a template will spare you from having to start from scratch every time you create a new document.
  • Speak with the folks who will be performing the steps in the processes you’ve designed. If you don’t do this, you can miss critical stages.
  • Be succinct. Filler text should be avoided and only useful information should be used.
  • Put your method to the test. It’s possible that your method won’t be ideal once you’ve created it. Having a testing phase will aid in identifying any issues. You may need to change your technique after testing, then test it again until you have a finely tuned procedure that works well for your company.

It is easier using Google Docs to create Template for SOP

Word processing software, such as Microsoft Word, is ideal for creating documents on your computer while offline. Microsoft has even stepped up their game in recent years, including useful collaboration tools into Microsoft Word. While there is a free online version of Microsoft Office called Office Online that may be used for word processing, the functionality is restricted. If you want to get the complete Microsoft Office experience, you’ll have to pay for Microsoft Word. The program will also need to be installed on each person’s PC who will be working on a document together.

Google Docs is a free program that can be used by everyone, regardless of their operating system, without the need to install anything. With Google Docs, it’s simple to work across teams on processes.

Love this SOP Format?

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Hopefully you find this sop template google docs useful and you can use this standard operating procedure template google docs.

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