Invoice Template for Google Docs

Invoice Template for Google Docs. In doing your business, you will always need to use invoice for the payment. We have curated and collected some google docs invoice template to make your job done easier. Most invoice template comes with the same format, but the layout can be different. Sometimes, adding different colors and lines can provide new perspectives.

You’re too preoccupied with running your small business or freelancing empire to devote time to the tedious but vital day-to-day responsibilities of running a business, such as invoicing. We have a large number of fully customisable Google Docs invoice templates that you can use to ensure that you get paid for the items and services you supply. These invoice templates are simple to use and cloud-based, and they’re just what you need to describe all of your hard work — and keep the money coming in! We now give Excel, Google Docs, and Google Sheets choices for simple reference.

Invoice Template for Google Docs

google drive invoice template

Let’s the following Invoice Template for Google Docs. I think this layout is good for freelancers who offer freelance services with their skills. The left sidebar is suitable for positioning photos. The left sidebar comes with two main background colors: Dark blue, and sky blue or light blue. You can change with another different color like dark red and light red.

This Invoice Template for Google Docs has been shared a lot in Reddit. Believe it or not, this charming google docs and google sheet layout is super professional and gorgeous. It starts with thick red line upper and followed by a logo on the right with grey circle. The table is nicely arranged in the middle as the focus content of the invoice. Try other colours that resemble your business color.

Orange: Are you a contractor? this google sheet invoice is perfect for contractor invoice. This can be added with a background picture related to contractor things. Here are google invoice template:

Collection of Invoice Template for Google Docs with fancy design and ready to use.

Freelance Invoice Template Google Docs

simple invoice gogole docs

Simple Invoice Template Google Docs

Google Docs Invoice template

This google invoice template is a bit different. A text vertically aligned with invoice number reminds me of the templates provided by microsoft words in microsoft office documents template. The good news is that the docx template can be edited in google docs. So, feel free to edit this google invoice template in your google drive account.

the other blue google docs and sheet invoice template with circled logo positioned on top right corner.

Basic Invoice Template Google Docs

blue format

Blank Invoice Template Google Docs

blue layout

another Invoice Template for Google Docs, that is clean and simple invoice template, is available for further editing and customising. This is just white and grey. It looks soft. Detailing only the content link text and number in the invoice. Those two elements of the Invoice Template for Google Docs are the fundamental information in an invoice, so they are emphasised.

Professional invoice template google docs

This Google Docs invoice template is versatile, so you could use this to invoice all of your clients while saving space on your hard drive. Just use storage to store your invoices, and you’ll be able to access them from anywhere with an internet connection.

Service Invoice Template Google Docs

invoice template

free invoice template doc download. Use the button above to get it to your computer. Learn more about what we can do for you to make your business a success. Try with unlimited automatic invoicing and powerful bookkeeping to save time and take even more work off your plate.

Commercial Invoice Template Google Docs

blank invoice template

When you’re hired to work on many projects, keep your invoices organized by working on them in the cloud. This free Google Docs invoice template is entirely customisable and accessible from anywhere.

Don’t waste time producing new invoices for each of your customers. Allow this free Google Docs invoice template to personalize your invoices for each client while you focus on providing excellent subcontracting services.

The optimum time to deliver your invoice is determined by your company and the services you supplied to the consumer. Invoice at the moment of purchasing if it is a one-time purchase or service.

Utilize your Google Docs invoice template to designate a partial payment up front, or a percentage of the payment, whether it’s a complicated job that will take a long time to complete or a significant product order. After all, you need to keep bringing in money.

Whichever payment schedule you set, make sure it’s stated clearly on each invoice, along with a breakdown of how much of the total ‘cost’ has been paid so far.

Invoice Template Google Docs. Looking for editable printable invoice template? I have browsed and collected them. Here are the lists of Free Editable document for basic, hourly, professional, timesheet, work, sales in blank and ready to use beautiful design.

I believe that every business of all kind, including in educational business, needs invoice for the sales document. I am also sure that creating invoice document template is a daunting task, especially when you are a beginner who does not know much about the elements that are usually shown in an invoice. Further problem is creating an invoice design structure that is comprehensive, easy to read and understand by the users.

You do not want to start from scratch building the design. Just use the existing one that is already made and provided for free.

The editing software are various. There are many formats that you can establish an invoice with. Docs, sheets, ppt, pdf, and the others. If you do not have enough budget to afford the expensive microsoft office, you can always rely on the free yet powerful one, Google Docs in google drive. All you need in a gmail or google account and you can access so many free services by google.

Ready to download all the files that I have collected through browsing? safe your time, here you are:

Invoice Template for Google Sheet

Source: freshbooks

to use this google sheets invoice template, Extract the zip first, then You can upload Fresh Blue Sheet Xlsx or the docs into your google drive and edit it using google sheet.

Fresh Blue Simple Invoice model

google sheets invoice template with blue header and footer.

Fresh Rainbow Blank

google sheets invoice template with Grey footer.

Basic Simple Layout

Sources: wise

This free printable invoice is actually in Google Docs format, but I saved it in docx format in case the source delete the copy. You can unzip the file to extract the docx. Then, upload the docx format onto your google drive so that you can edit it in Google Docs format.

Wave Design

source: waveapps

If you are a professional in photography business, this google docs invoice template your photography service sales. It comes with Big company name on the header. The free printable invoice uses grey and light green. You can actually change the colour as you wish. This invoice template is also suitable for consulting services.

You may ask does google docs have an invoice template? yes it does, but the invoice template is so basic and not that good looking. This one is really beautiful and looks professional with white and blue lines domination that stands out. This sample of commercial invoice can be used for multi purposes including proforma. It can also be used for tax invoice. If you are running a personal business, then it can also be your personal invoice template that you can always edit further. Many people like blue, this is a cool google docs invoice.

If you think that you have a lot of creativity in mind and have much imagination on colours and shapes, you may want this blank invoice template editable on google docs. Setting a billing invoice is really easy. In my opinion, this template really suits timesheet template. This is a basic invoice template. However, with your creativity, it will be the most beautiful and elegant invoice template you may ever have.

sometimes, simple is beautiful and professional. Design with crowded elements may look boring and sloppy. If you like clean and simple exposure, this simple google sheet invoice is your final search. It is usually used and loved by people in UK as they love anything tidy, clean, and simple.

Everybody or groups who run a business (including freelancers, contractor in construction, self employed, cleaning services, musician, yoga teacher, restaurant, video production, landscaping, and more)  would always need free printable invoice.

There are so many examples of invoice on the internet, but mostly they are in pdf format and that you cannot edit and print it. Certainly, you need the editable and printable ones. 

Whatever your computer operating system, whether it is microsoft windows, linux, or even mac and those using quickbooks, you can modify all the template provided here. They are free to edit. For Linux users who do editing in libreoffice, or open office the template in docx, doc, or xls can be imported and edited as well.

You don’t need to find template maker, creator or generator, just use your regular text editor on mac or windows, or linux and than to print the free printable invoice immediately. Besides, template builder usually offers limited features.

You may think about canva for building invoice template online. I have tried that, and I think it is not as flexible as using common format that we all know, the word doc format. editable in most version of microsoft word, including word 2010. 

Does word have an invoice template? Yes it does, but limited.

Some people may prefer to make invoice in latex, but it is not for everyone. It is difficult. 

I have collected the layout for various purposes, whatever your business: landscaping, rent, you name it.

The template include some usual items like: signature, deposit, shipping, with bank details, terms and conditions, vat, or without vat number (don’t forget to recheck where you use the VAT number whether it is in canada, australia, malaysia, or other countries), commission, with discount or without, using paypal payment or direct bank transfer, you name it. And even, adding a phrase like “thank you for your business” can be inserted to make the business relationship better.

In addition, the format can also be used for proforma, they are actually the same. But first, you may need to know what is a proforma Invoice Template Google Docs.

The template can also be adjusted into various paper page size like letter, A4, folio, F4, and so on. You can move it to different paper size. Just copy and paste, and a little adjustment. You can also change the language into your preferred language. It doesn’t have to be in English. 

Invoicing Tips

People are used to paying for things and services straight instantly, especially when shopping online, so decreasing your payment terms may be a good idea. Customers that pay before the due date may be eligible for a discount. A minor discount on the bill is frequently enough to entice your consumers to pay ahead of time.

Allow clients to do business with you more easily and conveniently by accepting a variety of payment methods. Include modern electronic payment technologies, such as e-Transfers, debit cards, and online payment options that may be completed instantly with a smartphone, if possible.

Encourage your client if you can send them information on your products or services on a regular basis via email. This will keep you top of mind and show them that you value their business and want them to come back.

Send your clients a proposal or proforma invoice with your agreed-upon terms and expectations so they know how much you’ll be charging ahead of time. This might assist avoid misunderstandings that could cause your payment to be delayed after the project is finished.

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