Google Docs Newsletter Template

Google Docs Newsletter Template that we provide came from professional designers. We curated some free newsletter templates based on specific characteristics and uses. You can chose any design based on a particular theme although actually, each design can be edited and be used for any purpose. For example, the classroom newsletter template can be used not only for classroom news but also for other purposes like family newsletter, school newsletter, college newsletter, and any other possibilities.

Here are our collection of Google Docs Newsletter Template.

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Google Docs Newsletter Template in Various Uses

School Upcoming Events Newsletter Template

Get a free and easily editable online School Upcoming Events Newsletter template for Google Docs. The colorful, rich and modern template is perfect for online course emails, parent newsletters, school event newsletters, or any other print or online publication. Simple and intuitive Google Docs editing tools will allow you to easily combine strips and blocks for articles with each other and help you create unique pages. You can also easily edit any part of the design.

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Real Estate Newsletter Template

Get a free and easily editable online Real Estate Newsletter template for Google Docs. Extremely minimalist in graphic design details and created in accordance with modern trends, the template will be positively received not only by your partners and landlords, but will also attract new tenants and property buyers. You can easily edit the template using Google Docs tools, and in particular change the color scheme, text and article blocks, font, scale, elements and any other parts. We advise you to use exclusively professional and contrasting photos to blend seamlessly with the design.

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Internal Company Newsletter Template

Get a free and easily editable online internal Company Newsletter template for Google Docs. Minimalistic, conservative, contrasting and at the same time eye-catching design will be an excellent tool for attracting new customers or maintaining the loyalty of old buyers and tenants. Even if you are at the initial level of graphic editors, you can easily create a newsletter and keep your corporate identity. The template will help you release important news about the events and promotions of your company. Customize the color scheme, raster objects, artboard, and more.

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Classroom Newsletter Template

Classroom Newsletter Template

In academic settings like in schools, colleges, and the likes, providing new information to the academic society members is crucial to keep them stay up to date to the most recent information.

If you are somebody who is responsible for creating the newsletter layout, say classroom news, you may want to skip designing the newsletter layout from scratch. You can use this newspaper-like newsletter template.

It begins with a simple headline “classroom news”, but this is just an example. Of course, you can it with any headline you are preparing. A big image comes under the header. Some important news in different category are listed in three boxes. Each box comes with a sub heading and a brief text description.

A nice smaller image comes at the end or bottom right of the page. We preview only the first page while actually this template is in two pages, front and back. If you are interested in using this google docs newsletter template, click the link below. Copy it to your google drive first, and then you can start editing, and do anything further the way you like.

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Family Newsletter Template

Family Newsletter Template

It is a lot of fun to share what our family does to our relatives or to other families in a certain community like neighbourhood, alumni, and the likes. If you want to share your family activities and experience through a family newsletter, you can use this family newsletter template.

This family newsletter template comes with a retro design. Thus, the color looks like a vintage page, using some vintage colors.

In the first page, in the second spot, you can put the photo of your family activity. The sample given in the display is grey-scaled photo. This is to strengthen the retro style.

However, if you want to have more vivid color to have it more fun and fresh, you can change the background color to white while the other color to blue, or green, or orange, or combinations of vibrant colors.

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Teacher Newsletter Template

Teacher Newsletter Templates

While most free teacher newsletter templates focus on introducing a new teacher that comes to a school, this teacher newsletter template focuses more on presenting a teacher with his/her activity in teaching/caring the students.

A school or an academic institution wants to appreciate its teacher by writing a newsletter that tells something great about a specific teacher. The newsletter may contain his/her achievement and great dedication in teaching, assisting, guiding, helping, educating, and nurturing others.

This kind of act, I believe, will improve the teachers confidence and they will feel really appreciated and loved. Thus, if your school wants to publish that kind of newsletter, you can use this design to speed up the work.

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black and white newsletter

Black and White Newsletter Templates

Black and White newsletter template still matters for some people. If fact, black and white design actually looks elegant. It enhances clarity, and it focuses on the content rather than the images or other decorative elements.

In addition, the reason for choosing black and white newsletter template over the others is because printing black and white newsletter page is easier and cost less expensive compared to printing in the full colors. Besides, photocopying a newsletter in massive number of pages in black and white is easier.

Having a black and white newsletter design, when you plan to get the extra copies through photocopying, makes sure that the readability is guaranteed ahead. Printing a newsletter design in many colors and than copying it massively through black and white photocopy machine risks the end result of the photocopied newsletter page. The result can be luckily good, but most probably it will be bad.

That said, having a black and white newsletter design is a good option for that specific purpose. Here is the template that you may use. Grab it now.

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Company Newsletter Template

Company Newsletter Template

This company newsletter template will be useful for a company which frequently share updates about various information potentially improving many aspects contributing to the company growth.

Another uses of this kind of newsletter is for a publisher that focuses on providing useful articles about updates and new trends in business area. The typical consumer of this kind of newsletter is business owners or companies. This usage is similar to that of the business template.

The sample title of an article in this template says “Creating a Culture of Innovation”. As the title suggest, the potential readers of this newsletter are company leaders, employees, and probably marketing researchers.

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Monthly Newsletter Template

Monthly Newsletter Templates

Like other periodical newsletter template yearly, weekly, biweekly, this monthly newsletter template is actually another newsletter layout that can be used for any type of newsletter.

In other words, you can use any design of newsletter template for any kind of newsletter types and purposes.

We came up with a newsletter design that specifically serves itself as a monthly newsletter template. A line of box comes first with text about the volume or issue. Following is the newsletter headline. While it literally says “monthly”, you don’t have to put the word “monthly” into the headline title because that is just an example.

A monthly newsletter does not have to declare itself as a monthly newsletter in the headline text. The term monthly can be stated anywhere in the newsletter cover page. It can be with a smaller text under the headline, on the header, or on the bottom.

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Business Newsletter Template

Business Newsletter Template

Similar to the employee and company newsletter template, this business newsletter template serves similar purposes.

This business newsletter template comes with a more elegant look. The headline goes with the text “Accounting News”. I hope that this sample title can serve a self explanatory use of the newsletter template. By looking at the sample title you are expected to be able to figure out what kind of information that you can provide through this business newsletter template.

The font used in this business newsletter template is serif fonts. When using serif fonts, you can choose one like times new roman, Georgia, and the likes.

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Camp Newsletter Template

Google Docs Newsletter Template: CAMP

A community or a club containing members with the same hobby needs to inform its community members to stay up to date to news related to their bobby.

This camp newsletter template can be used for a community containing people who love to go outside, people who love outdoor activities.

The camp newsletter uses a photo of a family having a camp fire near a lake as the newsletter page background. It looks very enticing, inviting others to participate in that activity.

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Christmas Newsletter Template

Google Docs Newsletter Template: Christmas

Christmas is a special day for christians. They would love to share their best moments during the Christmas Eve.

Using Christmas newsletter template to share experienced during Christmas can be a lot of fun.

You can share how you make cakes or any special foods during Christmas.

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Church Newsletter Template

Church Newsletter Examples

This church newsletter template will make the job of a person who is in charge of maintaining communication between the church and the community who usually come to the church easier.

Using church newsletter can trigger people to come to the church. They will see that the church is really active in inviting people to the its religious activities.

I really believe that this church newsletter template will be very helpful.

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more: Church Newsletter Examples

Daycare Newsletter format

Daycare Newsletter Templates

Use our free daycare newsletter templates. A day care needs to build trust to the kids’ parents. The parents want to be sure that their kids are in a good hand. Informing parents and possible other parties about what is new in the daycare can be beneficial for both parties.

This daycare newsletter template will help the owner, or a person who is in charge of marketing and public relationship for the daycare to prepare a kind of medium to communicate with them.

Make sure that the photos to be used in the newsletter are the most fun and joyful ones. The background color of each box of each section can be changed to other kids based or joyful colors. They usually are vibrant colors. However, you need to also be careful of the color combination.

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Digital Newsletter Template

Digital Newsletter Templates

I was asked by a visitor if I have a digital newsletter template, and I simply said that every newsletter template is actually digital because it is opened though a computer or computer like devices such as computer, laptop, smartphones, tablet, and the likes.

However, since it seems that providing a specific newsletter template for digital presentation, I am trying to bring this to you, “the digital technology” newsletter template.

To make the digital newsletter template feels more “digital”, I use a photo of a person doing handshaking with a hologram hand.

My final word is that you can actually use any newsletter template we provide here to present your news. All you need to do is to adjust the color to match the topic of your presentation content.

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Employee Newsletters Templates

Employee Newsletters Templates

Managing workers or employees in a company is a good practice to make sure that the production is running well because the employees stay productive and highly motivated.

Another method to maintain employees work spirit is through an appreciation program such as “the best employee of the moth”, and other methods that are believed to be effective enough in motivating the workers.

Providing a kind of employee newsletter can be another way to keep them informed about the news related to the company they are working for. You can present news about how to be a good worker and any information to make them productive.

If you are the one who is responsible to conduct a kind of employee newsletter program in a company, you may find this employee newsletter template very helpful and handy.

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school newsletter templates google docs

School newsletter templates google docs

School newsletter templates Google docs that you can copy and edit for free.

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Weekly classroom Newsletter Templates

Weekly classroom Newsletter Templates. This is another newsletter formatting that is specifically designed for weekly information. It is often that information should be or need to be delivered in a specific time span so that the information be new. One week is enough span to issue a newsletter related to classroom activities. The newsletter can contain appraisal for students who made an achievement.

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Kid Newsletter Templates

The Kid Newsletter Templates in this section are dominated by colors and fonts that are strongly related to the kids world. This type of news letter can be edited by the kids themselves or even the teachers.

Teachers can invite their students to practice creating or making their own newsletter. The students can use this template. The participants, the kids, can adjust any setting of this layout. However, they have to have basic editing skills using computer software such as Microsoft word, powerpoint, or even google docs.

By using this newsletter layout for creative project with students, they can practice becoming a newsletter issuer as well as practicing writing information for others.

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Fall Newsletter Templates Free

This free Fall Newsletter Templates will be so much useful and handy when you want to publish a newsletter for the Fall edition. While actually you can decorate any type of newsletter template with images or colors that resemble the situation in Fall, you can count on the chosen colors and images in this sample.

What do you know about Fall? Is there any specific characteristics of Fall? When commonly happens during Fall? What activities you can do in Fall? You can answer all those questions and you can decorate this newsletter layout with anything you think about Fall.

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Free One Page Newsletter Templates

Free One Page Newsletter Templates. When news and information need to be issued pretty soon, one page newsletter would fit and be enough. This is because in a short time span, not much news and information to deliver. However, the urgency and the critical value of this news makes it no choice but to deliver it soon. In this case, a one page newsletter template will make it handy and easier for the publisher to issue the newsletter edition.

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Editable Newsletter Templates

These are all editable newsletter templates. You can edit any of them the way you like. You can adjust each of them easily. The file is using common application to edit the templates. You can change the text font size, color, and the font family. Feel free to play along with the colors, layout, images, and text. Replace the image sample in the template with the images that you consider best for the page.

So if you are looking for newsletter design template, you can download newsletter templates we provide here for free. It will make your job easier when it comes to sharing news to any party involving with you. The layout template can be used for various purposes like weekly classroom newsletter, staff newsletter, bulletin, church, and any type of news.

Newsletter for Education

Using newsletter to aid teaching practice is highly recommended by expert educators. However, to better implement newsletter into teaching, a teacher must prepare a good lesson planning. For those using common core planning can make use of this blank lesson plan template common core.

More Types of Newsletter Templates

Here are some other specific types or of newsletter templates and layouts based on each purpose:

Parents Newsletter Template
Preschool Newsletter Template
Church Newsletter Examples
Preschool Newsletter Examples
Daycare Newsletter Templates
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