PreSchool Newsletter Template

A preschool newsletter template is a great way to keep parents informed about what’s going on at school. This free template includes all the information you need to create a newsletter that will interest your child. Using newsletter templates is easy.

For families to have solid relationships from home to school, there must be effective parent communication. Newsletters are a quick and easy way to inform parents and caregivers about classroom or program events. They not only educate families of what is happening every day, every week, and every month, but they also foster a sense of community in the classroom and advertise your establishment. Making contact with the family of your pupils might be very simple.

Newsletter for Preschool

Newsletter Template for Preschool

This newsletter template is good for preschool level. Mostly, newsletter for preschoolers come with fancy colors and include photos of children happily playing and learning together.

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informing preschool parents is a great way to keep in touch with them and to build trust for better school-parents relationship

Preschool Newsletter for Parents

Preschool Newsletter for Parents

Newsletter for preschool parents can be issued weekly or monthly. This design has been adjusted to the color of what most mothers of the kids like so much. Commonly, newsletters for preschool parents contain information about current activities that have been done previously. The page summarises what the teacher and the students have done together. It tells about progress the kids have made and the problems the kids experienced.

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Weekly Newsletter fo Preschool

Weekly Newsletter for Preschool

The one running a preschool business must consider using weekly newsletter for preschool. This type of newsletter includes 5 days activities during the week. This type of report is anticipated by most parents. As this kind of newsletter needs to be available every week, it is important to use a ready made template and make it unique with little customisation.

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Monthly Newsletter for preschool parents

Monthly Newsletter for Preschool

For some preschool officials, issuing a newsletter every month is preferred. This is because sometimes writing newsletter needs more concentration and focus, especially considering what to report in the newsletter. Specific month usually comes with specific common things to discuss. Thus, it is good idea to have for example: may newsletter for preschool, November or September newsletter for preschool, and any other months to come.

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Summer Preschool Newsletter

Summer is another special time for parents to receive information about the school, especially preschool. A caring and careful parents always want to know what their kids are doing at school. Reading and getting insight about what the school offers during the summer, such as summer program is a great moment for every parent. Thus, it is impromptu for a school, especially preschool, to deliver summer preschool newsletter to the parents.

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How to write a newsletter for parents?

Writing newsletter for parents is the same as writing any other preschool newsletter. All you need to pay attention more is the content, that is the good news with photos. However, always reporting good news is not suggested. Balancing the good news and the prevented title problem experienced and faced by the kids is rather of sense.

Create a newsletter template with this free template.

This preschool newsletter template includes everything you need to start creating your own newsletters. You can use it as a starting point for your next newsletter, or simply customize it to fit your needs.

Creating a catchy topic line

Everyone has opened an email with a catchy subject line. Although the subject line may not first seem significant, it can determine whether a reader will read or disregard your newsletter.

You should think about three things when coming up with a subject line for your newsletters: curiosity, timeliness, and relevancy. This will encourage readers to stay through and continue reading by grabbing their attention.

Add text, images, and links as needed.

To begin, click “Add Text” at the top of the screen. Then type in any text you would like to add to your newsletter. Click “Insert Image” to insert an image into your newsletter. Finally, click “Insert Link” to link to another website.

You can also include a comic strip to entertain. If you want to make it yourself, you can use comic strip makers

Send it out to subscribers.

Once you’ve finished adding text and images, click “Save & Publish” to send your newsletter to your email list. You can also preview your newsletter before sending it by clicking “Preview” at the bottom of the screen.

Choosing a communication channel

Let’s discuss where your newsletter should be sent now that we understand that an email newsletter is the most appropriate format for your preschool. It should go without saying that the majority of parents prefer to get your newsletter by email, especially since the majority of people check their email every day.

We advise to use an email distribution collection and delivering a single newsletter to all of your parents if you manage a preschool with several sites. If for whatever reason that becomes challenging, it’s advisable to consider number of times newsletters you can reasonably email out each week or monthly.

Create a newsletter template.

If you’re looking for a simple way to create a newsletter template for your preschool or day care center, then this free template is perfect for you. This template includes everything you need to create a professional looking newsletter.

Add images and text.

You can add images and text to any part of the template using the “Insert Image” button. Simply click on the image you would like to use and drag it into the area where you want it to appear. Then type out the text you would like to appear next to the image.

Developing a content strategy

The content is the most crucial element of any effective mail! Consider who will be getting your spring season preschool newsletter before deciding what kind of content to provide. Families with young kids in the kindergarten age range who are at home throughout regular weekday work schedule are often your target market.

This implies that you should include thorough accounts of thrilling activities, significant milestones, and even impending events in your newsletter. A lot of newsletters include elements that are present in every issue. Consistency is key, whether it be in a monthly schedule or a weekly recap of the kids’ accomplishments.

Selecting a newsletter template

When it comes to designing the ideal newsletter, there are a ton of alternatives available, but it’s crucial to pick a template which will work best for your preschool. We advise going with an email format if you’re short on time and money.

You can choose to invest in your own original design using tools like Adobe Spark or Canva, or you can leverage pre-existing templates (like MailChimp or Microsoft Word). These are all incredibly user-friendly tools that make it simple to produce and utilize your own newsletters while also giving you an idea of what a fantastic newsletter should look like.


A preschool newsletter for families and parents is a fantastic method to inform your parents and the local community of what is going on at your school. Additionally, you can highlight the achievements of certain students and mention any planned activities. Additionally, you can occasionally run promotions on your services. It doesn’t have to take up a lot of your day and take many hours to create a newsletter. To succeed, make a plan and use the appropriate resources.

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