Google Docs Flyer Template

Google docs flyer template. We have curated and crafted google doc flyer template, and we gratefully share them with you all for free. Using our google docs flyer format, you can jump start your project immediately.

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Google Docs Flyer Template

The followings are free flyer templates to download. You can edit it further to adjust it with your needs. You can just change the sample text or you can use it as flyer sample.

Event Flyer Templates Google Docs

If you are conducting an event, and you need to broadcast the information about your events to others, you take a shortcut, that is to use some of the following event flyers. Thus, you don’t need to spend more time figuring out about the design. You can skip that daunting task, and go directly to changing text and images, and event the colours. Based on my experience, thinking about the design is really time consuming. Hence, without further a do, here are the google docs event flyers to choose from:

Back to School Flyer Template

Back to School Flyer Template

Welcome back to school. It is always fascinating to welcome our students back to school. Teachers have plenty information to share with the students. All the thing to prepare before the school start is always good to make sure everything will go as intended. Schools can list all interesting programs that students can participate in.

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Food Promotion Flyer Template

Food Promotion Flyer Template

Opening a new restaurant, making a new recipe, or any other food offering may require food promotion flyer to tell others about the new food. This Google Docs flyer template focuses on showing up the delicacy through food picture. You can change the image using your own food image. If your food is not pizza, then you also change the title.

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open house flyer

Real Estate Flyer Template

Promoting real estate housing is very essential in property business, and when it comes to promotion, a flyer is another great medium to share the sparkling look of the houses. The photo of the house is usually presented by a professional photographer that can bring the warm environment of the house. The lighting really brings the harmony and happiness inside the house. This template comes with 2 columns in which column 1 in the left focuses on presenting the headline and description text, while in the right column are photos of houses of the real estate company. In the bottom is a photo of the marketer who share his/her contact number for further discussion. All the details of contact, including website address, email, street address, and so on are listed in the right bottom in right column. You can use and edit this template to adjust it with your need. The background color is dark blue. If you would like different main color, you can change it.

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Business Flyer Template

Business Flyer Template

Business flyer template is for those who want to promote their business through printed promotion media. These business flyer templates are made in Google Docs, more specifically on Google Slide. The flyer template can also be opened in power point. If you need to put more information about your business, you can use the template. Simply edit the image, the headline, the items that you sell, your contact like phone, email, and address. Feel free to alter the colour and the icons to adjust with your business main colour.

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Halloween Flyer Template

Halloween Flyer Template

Halloween is such a fun party, but it will be really fun if you are doing it with your friends. Thus, inviting your friends to your halloween party is a must. To invite somebody that you already know, or anybody else that you have not known before, you can use Halloween flyer, and to make it easy for you to create your halloween party, just use halloween flyer template. We have made some halloween flyer template for you. You can edit it in Microsoft word, google docs, or in Google Slides. And yes, you can also edit it in power point. Editing flyer template in power point is much easier. You can add dark theme image like black and dark blue, combined with pumpkin and other spooky images like moon, owl, bats, witches, graveyard, skeleton, and so on.

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Birthday Flyer Template

Birthday Flyer Template

Celebrating birthday is always so much fun. Many people put high value on birthday. To celebrate birthday, on would need a flyer. Making birthday flyer from scratch may take sometime. Why don’t you just use birthday flyer template instead? Here we provide you with birthday flyer template that we create from power point, but you can edit it in google slides. You can adjust the photo with yours, edit the day and the location of the birthday party. Furthermore, you can set the costume or the dress code. Having a birthday party with family, relatives, neighbours, and friends will make the party just another big and happy day to remember. You will see that so many people love you so much, but first your need to show your love to them by inviting them to your birthday party, and you make them special by using special birthday flyer template.

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Thanks Giving Party Flyer Template

Party Flyer Template

Party can be in many forms, birthday party, Christmas party, halloween party, and almost every party is a party. This party flyer template can be edited in you power point or google slides or google docs. Though you have found so many different flyer template about party, they are basically just a party, but more specific to an event. This party flyer template can be adjusted to a particular theme or event. This means that this flyer template is more general. Unlike halloween party that is more dark themed, this one is more like blank flyer template than can become any theme of the party. Consequently, you will need extra work to make this flyer template suitable with a specific theme, but if you are fine with general theme, this party flyer template will work just fine.

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christmas flyer template

Christmas Flyer Template

Christmas is another event that can be celebrated with many people, and when it comes to inviting people to your party, like Christmas party, you will take advantage or make use of this Christmas flyer template. This flyer template is made in power point, and it is specifically designed for a Christmas party. Thus, the images, the fonts, the colours, and many items of the flyer template is crafted in such a way to really resemble and portray the joy and fun of a Christmas party.

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Babysitting flyer template

Babysitting Flyer Template

In big cities, mostly, parents go to work, all of them. How about their children? Usually they send the babies to a day care. Other families tend to love to have their children at home, and they usually hire a babysitter. Hence, babysitting is another important service that is needed by many families in big cities. If you are good at taking care of babies, and that you love babies so much, babysitting may be good for you. This is your passion. To introduce your baby sitting service, and to show them that you are a professional baby sitter, you need to use promotional media such as flyer. You don’t want to spend your most of the time creating your own baby sitting flyer, instead, just use babysitting flyer template. Good news is we have curated and created for you so that you can focus on providing complete information about your babysitting service. You can prepare your best convincing words to put on the flyer, as for the design of the flyer template, you can leave it to us, and here we have some that you can make use of.

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Club flyer sample

Club Flyer Template

What can much more fun than having a club with so many members in it? You can interact, co-work, and make any other form of cooperation. In a club, you can share your experience with the club members. You can receive important and useful information that you can use to solve your problems. However, what if your club has limited number of members? That must not happen, you have to invite as many people as possible so that they would like to join the club. But how? Yes, you can use old but still matter method, flyer. Yes, by using a flyer, you can reach many audience to participate in your club. If you are new to flyer making, you may need to use our club flyer template. This club flyer template is designed exclusively for club gathering purpose. You can change the image so that it resembles your club vision. You can change the headline and title, and also the tagline. Inform them about where your club is, how to join, and any other information that may convince the flyer reader to eventually reach you back, give you a call, and hopefully, join the club.

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fundraiser flyer design

Fundraiser Flyer Template

Funding is always important for nearly every purpose, just whatever it is, you name it. However, fundraising is not easy. You need to reach as many potential benefactors as possible. Another method of telling them is by using flyer, and our fundraiser flyer template will help you a lot. This fundraiser flyer template comes with catchy design that is specifically designed and composed in such a way that may interest the reader to become potential funding source. Whether you are a first timer or somebody who have a lot of experience in fundraising, you may need this fundraiser flyer template design to make your job in creating promotional media faster than when you start from scratch.

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Sales Flyer layout

Sales Flyer Template

Sales is the heart of every business, and thus sales flyer template is crucial. It is essential for every business to take the best action it could to promote the business. When it comes to marketing, telling people as potential buyers about your product items is unavoidable and must not be neglected. Informing buyers about your best products, the most purchased products can trigger them to see, and eventually buy the products too. Sales flyer can also be used to trigger and promote brand awareness. Using our ready to use sales flyer template, you will find it super easy to promote your sales. You can attach the photo of the best products and other items to offer into the sales flyer template.

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How to Make a Flyer on Google Docs

Sometimes, for specific people, using a template is not preferred. They prefer creating their own design and layout. Similarly, when it comes to flyer format, they want to crate their own flyer design rather than using ready to use flyer templates whether it is in google docs or in Microsoft words, or event in professional design software like Adobe photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, and the likes. Thus, if you are that kind of person who like to make flyer on google docs by yourself, this tutorial on how to make flyers on google docs is really for you. Check it now here: How to Make a Flyer on Google Docs.

By watching the tutorial on how to make a flyer on Google docs as shown in the video above, you would be able to create your own flyer design. Using the tools and mastering the steps in creating flyer is easy. The challenging part is to have a great imagination and creativity. However, I believe that by observing some existing flyer templates design, formats, and layouts, anybody will find easy and quick enough to make good and catchy flyer design.

Want more? please see our Google Docs Template.

Some FAQ About Flyers

Is there a flyer template on Google Docs?

Basically, Google Docs does not offer default flyer template, but in fact, there are so many flyer templates for Google Docs created by some creative people and they share them for free. Furthermore, you can leverage the design of Newsletter and Brochure because they actually have similar layout and structure.

Does Google have a flyer maker?

Google offers some multifunction tools that are basically useful for creating so many kinds of page designs including flyers. You can use pre-made templates, create your own layout, or use others’ layouts that are shared for free. Google slides and Google Docs have great flexibility to create magnificent design layout of documents such as flyers, brochures, newspapers, newsletters, resume, poster, and almost any kind.

How to make a colorful flyer on Google Docs?

To make a colorful flyer on Google Docs, you can do several small editing: (1) change the background using colorful image or graphic, (2) add shapes with different color to use them as ornament to bring colorful atmosphere to the page, (3) change the color of the text headline and any other text in the flyer, but you need to be careful of the color combination. Make sure you keep the contrast and the balance among the colors to make the flyer design colors connect one another to crate color harmony.

What should a flyer look like?

The ultimate goal of presenting a flyer is to make sure that the message is clearly delivered so that the purpose of the flyer is achieved. Using less distracting, high definition, and balanced color images can build the mood and attract attention. Use representative photos or Icons, or simple vector graphic to wrap the message. Don’t stuff it with a lot of texts. Use simple yet effective headline. Make sure you put call to action so that the reader know what to do after reading the flyer.

What goes on a babysitting flyer?

Important information to put into a babysitting flyer include: Strong headline that answers your potential client problem. The ages of babies that you can handle. What activities that you give to the babies. What kind of cares that you give to the babies. Your best babysitting house photos. Your teams. Mention about your experience in baby and children caring in a kind of daycare center. To sum up, make sure you include: (1) interesting headline, (2) Happy and fun image to attract attention, (3) Your name, (4) brief biography, (5) services to offer, (6) educational backgrounds with qualifications and certifications, (7) prices / or rate per hour/day, (8), contact details, (9) your location.

What size is a flyer?

The standard flyer size is usually 8.5″ x 1″. Or, commonly, you can use A4 size in your computer. A4 size is mostly used for flyer and any similar document.

Are flyers portrait or landscape?

Mostly flyers are portrait. However, that is not a must. You may want to experiment using landscape layout in case you need it. But remember, the best flyer layout for mobile view is portrait.

Using Flyer as a Teaching Medium

Teachers can use flyer as a teaching media. A teacher can teach students what common information a flyer typically presents. A teacher must prepare a well crafted lesson plan when trying to implement flyer into teaching. Thus, he/she may find lesson outline template useful to help him/her outline the lesson plan.


Google docs flyer template above can be edited and adjusted to your need. Sometimes, one flyer template can be used for different purposes. Hopefully you find the google docs flyer template that we offer useful.

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