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Substitute teacher resume building will be easy based on best practice, and my own experience the first time I became fresh graduate of teacher education program.

I know how it feels when it comes to a new teacher experience in finding job. In fact, it is not easy to get a job as a teacher. As a first timer, all I can do is to get experience as much as possible, that is by becoming a substitute teacher.

And to apply as a substitute teacher, I need to have a compelling resume. Here is what I can share to help you ease the process.

What to Put or Include in a Substitute Teacher Resume with No Experience, Entry Level, or First Time

I was once in this position, and I can say that to write a strong substitute teacher CV with no experience or as an entry-level applicant, emphasize relevant abilities and experiences that illustrate your ability to manage classes efficiently. Here are some important pointers I believe should be included:

Emphasize Relevant Skills

Highlight abilities acquired via education or a substitute teaching license, such as classroom supervision, differentiated learning, lesson planning, conflict resolution, and student interactions.

Skills to include in a substitute teacher resume

Should you create a substitute teacher CV with minimal experience, it would be critical to highlight talents that indicate your ability to manage classes successfully. What I did was adding these:

  • Classroom Supervision: Demonstrate my skills to monitor classes and keep kids on target.
  • Differentiated Learning: Demonstrate my ability to alter instructional tactics to meet the various needs of students
  • Conflict Resolution: Showcase my skills to manage disagreements and keep a good school atmosphere.
  • Student Relations: Highlight my interpersonal abilities and capacity to develop positive relationships with students.
  • Lesson Planning: Showcase my ability to create interesting and effective lesson plans.
  • Adaptability: Emphasize your flexibility and readiness to deal with pupils of all backgrounds and ages.
  • Creativity: Display my inventive methods to teaching and problem-solving in the classroom.
  • Time Management: Showcase my abilities to efficiently manage time to fulfill instructional objectives.
  • Critical Thinking: Emphasize my analytical abilities and capacity to think critically in difficult situations.

In my experience, including these talents in my substitute teacher resume, I may position myself as a good candidate despite your minimal experience, demonstrating my ability to flourish in the job.

Use Numerical Impact

Use numerical implications in your examples to effectively highlight successes.

Proofread carefully

Make sure your resume is free of grammatical problems to highlight your talents.

Organize Effectively

Employ clear headers, bullet points, and an effortlessly accessible typeface to make your resume visually appealing.

Include Transferable talents

Display transferable talents like as leadership, customer service, data analysis, and teamwork which are applicable to teaching.

Consider stating a Resume Objective

A resume objective can help individuals with minimal experience emphasize essential skills and achievements.

Add Hobbies and Interests

Include a section on hobbies and interests to demonstrate other talents that might be useful to teaching, such as problem-solving skills earned via extracurricular activities.

Based on my experience, following these guidelines and organizing your resume correctly can help you build a powerful entry-level teacher resume that showcases your potential and appropriateness for the position.

Substitute Teacher Resume Templates and Examples

General/Common Type of Substitute Teacher Template Content

I understand that one may need to apply for a substitute teacher position in different or more specific setting, but this example should work most of the time.

Resume Template: Substitute Teacher (No Experience)

Contact Information:

  • Name: Jane Doe
  • Address: 123 Main Street, City, State, Zip Code
  • Phone: (123) 456-7890
  • Email: [email protected]
  • LinkedIn:


Dedicated and adaptable recent graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Education seeking a Substitute Teacher position to contribute positively to student learning experiences and support classroom instruction at [School Name].


  • Bachelor of Arts in Education
    XYZ University, City, State
    Graduated: May 2023


  • Classroom Supervision
  • Differentiated Learning
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Student Relations
  • Lesson Planning
  • Adaptability
  • Creativity
  • Time Management
  • Critical Thinking

Volunteer Experience:

Teacher Assistant
ABC Elementary School, City, State
September 2022 – December 2022

  • Assisted lead teacher in classroom activities and supported students with assignments.
  • Managed small group activities and ensured a positive learning environment.


  • Substitute Teaching License – State Board of Education

Extracurricular Activities:

Tutoring Program Coordinator
XYZ Community Center, City, State
September 2021 – May 2022

  • Organized tutoring sessions for underprivileged students and provided academic support.

Hobbies & Interests:

  • Reading educational literature
  • Volunteering at local schools
  • Playing musical instruments

Elementary Substitute Teacher Resume

Elementary Substitute Teacher Resume

simple elegant elementary teacher resume.

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Substitute Teacher Resume Bullet Points

in development

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Permanent / Long Term Substitute Teacher Resume

Long Term Substitute Teacher Resume template

simple but powerful permanent or long term job.

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Licensed / Certified Substitute Teacher Resume Format

Basically, this type of resume is the same as the other one. Only, this has additional information on the certification of the competence. Read more below:

Substitute instructors often hold the following certificates and licenses:

  • Many states require substitute teachers to have a bachelor’s degree.
  • Valid Certifications and Licenses: Depending on the state, a valid teaching certificate or substitute teaching license may be necessary.
  • Some states and districts mandate CPR training for substitute instructors.
  • Background Check: A background check is usually necessary for substitute teaching employment.
  • Emergency or Temporary License: In some instances, an emergency license or temporary license may be issued.

Prospective substitute teacher should examine their state and district’s unique requirements to guarantee compliance with local rules.

Sample Content that emphasize competence certification

Professional Experience:

Certified Substitute Teacher
DEF School District, Anywhere, USA
June 20YY – September 20XX

  • Successfully filled in for teachers on leave, implementing lesson plans and managing classroom activities.
  • Created a structured learning environment conducive to student achievement.
  • Communicated with classroom teachers to ensure continuity of instruction.


  • Recognized for maintaining a disciplined and productive learning environment.
  • Received positive feedback from students, parents, and school staff for effective teaching methods.

This template demonstrates how to organize a substitute teacher resume with licensure and certification information prominently displayed. Highlight your education, skills, and relevant experience to showcase your ability to excel in a licensed or certified substitute teaching role.

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Preschool Substitute Teacher Resume

A resume for a preschool substitute teacher aims to highlight your background and credentials suitable for substituting in preschools. Essential elements include your highest educational attainment, pertinent certifications or licenses, work experience with young children, proficiency in classroom management and communication, and any applicable certifications or licenses. Customize your resume to match the requirements of the preschool substitute teaching position, integrating relevant terms and expressions from the job description to showcase your suitability for the role.

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Special Education Substitute Teacher Resume Examples

A resume for a substitute teacher in special education should emphasize your background and qualifications pertinent to working in this specialized setting. It should encompass your highest level of education, pertinent certifications or licenses, professional experience with special needs students, abilities in individualized teaching and behavior management, and any applicable certifications or licenses. Customize your resume to fit the specific requirements of the special education substitute teaching position, integrating keywords and phrases from the job description to showcase your alignment with the role.

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Classified Substitute Teacher Resume Examples

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Daily Substitute Teacher Resume Examples

In crafting my resume as a daily substitute teacher, I aim to spotlight my expertise and credentials suitable for fleeting teaching roles. It’s about seizing the day and making the most of each opportunity. Vital aspects to highlight encompass my highest educational attainment, pertinent certifications or licenses, diverse professional background across grade levels and subjects, proficiency in executing lesson plans and maintaining classroom order, and any applicable certifications or licenses. It’s all about tailoring my resume to fit the specific daily substitute teaching position I’m pursuing, infusing it with keywords and phrases from the job description to showcase my perfect match for the role.

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Esl Substitute Teacher Resume Examples

In elevating my resume as an ESL substitute teacher, I prioritize showcasing my language proficiency, teaching background, cross-cultural awareness, subject expertise, classroom management prowess, communication finesse, ongoing professional growth, and relevant certifications. It’s about painting a vivid picture of my readiness to excel in the role. As I eagerly seek opportunities in ESL instruction, I tailor my resume to each specific position, infusing it with keywords from the job description to underscore my suitability. For instance, I might share an anecdote illustrating my success in implementing a communicative language teaching approach with English language learners or my ability to adapt seamlessly to diverse cultural settings, fostering inclusive and supportive learning environments.

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Spanish Long-term Substitute Teacher Resume Examples

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Day Care Substitute Teacher Resume Sample

When making a resume for a day care substitute teacher job, focus on your experience and qualifications for working in a day care. Talk about your education, any certificates you have, and your experience with kids. Mention skills like making lesson plans and managing a classroom. Make sure your resume fits the specific job you’re applying for, using words from the job listing. Share a story about something you did well, like managing a classroom of kids or helping each child learn in their own way.

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Professional Substitute Teacher Resume Examples

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Montessori Substitute Teacher Resume

High School Substitute Teacher Resume Examples

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