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Free poster templates that you can edit for many purposes are available here. Learn the samples: wanted poster template, missing, movie, research, academic, presentation, science, campaign, and many more. The poster template are editable in various application such as Google Docs, Google Slides, and Power point. They are editable, printable, and free poster templates. Check them now, select one you like.

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Academic Research Poster Templates

Academic poster template in the following list are used by researchers to present their research findings. Usually, they use it in a poster session in an international conference or seminar. The research poster template can be edited in powerpoint, and google slides. If you are one of them, you can adjust the size to A1, A0, A3, 50×70, 60×90, A3, A4, 70 x 90, 100×70, vertical, horizontal, landscape, portrait. Delivering research results in an research poster is a fun way to promote ones university or academic career. Again, if you are a researcher who is to present your research findings in an international symposium, you can relay on one of these design layouts.

Scientific Poster Template

Green and Blue Playful and Illustrative Portrait University Research Poster.pptx

Scientific poster template in powerpoint and google slides to arrange research report


Academic Poster Template

Lavender Structured Duotone Portrait University Research Poster

Academic poster template to display research article text in a seminar presentation


Powerpoint Scientific Poster

Orange and Cream Playful and Illustrative Portrait University Research Poster

Powerpoint scientific poster template that is easy to edit for poster session


Google Slides Scientific Poster

Green and White Minimal Geometry Portrait University Research Poster

Blank scientific research poster design for international seminar or conference. You can use this research poster template google slides


Conference Poster Template

White Contemporary Editorial Landscape University Research Poster

Simple grey conference poster template for scientific report presentation


Presentation Poster Template

Navy Blue and Yellow Minimal Geometry Landscape University Research Poster

Presentation poster template with big header and graph, cart


Creative Research Poster

Colorful Playful and Illustrative Landscape University Research Poster

Creative research poster template with colourful design layout


PPT Research Poster

Red and Gray Contemporary Editorial Landscape University Research Poster

PPT research poster template with introduction, method, and results


Missing Poster Template

Missing poster template below is another designs of missing people and also missing animal that you can use to find them. Our beloved ones, no matter whether she is a woman, a man, a kid, a boy, a girl, or our pets whether it is a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a squirrel, or any other pet, when they are missing, we feel very sad. We have to find them, and get them back. Maybe, someone out there have seen them. Thus, you can advertise using missing poster. The following missing posters can be edited fast using power point or google slides. You don’t have to use fancy and professional software like photoshop or illustrator to make the poster. You need it fast.

Missing Persons Poster

Missing Person Kid Poster Template

Missing poster ads to find missing person, people, man, woman, boys, girls, kids, child, elders


Missing Dog Poster

Missing Dog Poster Template

free printable Lost dog poster template to find puppy, dog, with reward, found dog poster template


Missing Cat Poster

Missing Cat

Missing cat poster template with phone numbers. Can be for found cat too.


Missing Pet Poster

Missing Pet

missing pet poster template with take away phone number card. For any kind of pet: Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Bird, etc.


Movie Poster Template

The following movie poster templates will help you make movie poster fast. The sample templates range from vintage movie poster, horror, action, kids, movie credits, and so on. That is because basically they just need a little tweak and you can use them for various purposes of movie posters. You can even use it for inviting neighbourhood and relatives to watch baby born movie, or even family movies. You can create your own family movie, and use one of these movie poster as the cover of the movie dvd pack.

Vintage Movie Poster

Movie Poster Template

Free movie poster template with vintage design that looks like photoshop movie poster but actually made in powerpoint.


Horror Movie Poster

Horror Movie

Minimalist movie poster template that can be for horror movie, movie trailer, sci fi, you can change it to polaroid design


Coming Soon Movie

Kid movie

Coming soon movie poster great for students and movie theater or western movie, pregnancy movie, editable in google docs


Movie Credits Poster

Movie Promotion

Movie credits poster that can be used for action movie, edit in powerpoint or google slides, you don’t need psd or illustrator


Google Slides Poster Templates

All the poster templates in this page are actually created in powerpoint but then uploaded to google slides. They are similar software. For editing graphic design pages, they are quite powerful. Much more powerful than Microsoft words or google docs. I am so confident using google slides and powerpoint to create various design purposes, including posters. While all categories in this page is created from google slides and powerpoint, in this sub category, I would like to provide examples of posters about procedures, wanted poster, and beers. However, your imagination should not be limited by these examples. You can edit any template in this page for any purposes.

Procedure Poster

Procedure Poster Template

Google Slides Poster Template to promote or display procedures information


Wanted Poster

Free Wanted Poster Template

Google SLides Poster Template to inform wanted person. Wanted Poster Template Google Docs. This wanted poster is also available in powerporint format. Visitor of this websites found it very useful.


Beer Poster Template

International Beer Day Poster Template

Google Slides Poster Template to celebrate beer day


Happy Hour Beer Poster

Happy Hour Beer Poster

Google Slides Poster Template to promote Happy hour program discount


Power Point Poster Templates

The followings are other designs that are created in powerpoint. In this section, I provide you with job poster, car rental, or any other services, informational poster, and back to school poster. They are all free powerpoint poster templates. You can copy any of them to your google drive. Make sure that you have logged in before.

Job Poster Template

We are hiring Google Slides Free

Use this free power point poster template to tell job seeker for job vacancy


Rental Poster Template

Car Rent

Poster template in powerpoint to promote rental service



Fruits Nutrition Information Campaign Poster

Powerpoint template on powerpoint to inform nutrition facts


Back to school poster

Green Abstract Illustrated Back To School Rules Poster

Back to school powerpoint template free to use


Google Docs Poster Templates

I have to include Google docs in this list because in fact many people still consider google drive as google docs in the past. People used to refer all apps in the google drive as google docs. Thus, when a person is looking for google docs poster template, she or he does not actually refer to the “Google Docs” app that is used to edit text based document, but any app as long as it is free from google drive. As long as they can edit it for free using their google accounts, they will use it. The following examples of posters are under the theme of Game Night, Competition, Car wash service, or for any similar service, and earth day with images of some cute kids hugging the Mother Earth.

Game Night Poster Template

Game Night Google Docs Poster Template

Google Docs Poster Template with kids theme for playful event


Poster Template Design

Drawing Competition Poster Design

Google Docs Poster Template for inviting participation in competition


Service Promotion Poster

Car Wash Service Promotion Poster Template

Google Docs Poster Template to display ads of service prices


Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day Google Docs Poster Template

Google Docs Poster Template to inform special events like earth day


Information Poster Templates

The following section is for the informational purposes. While basically they are used to inform people, sometimes, specific purposes have specific theme. For example, information about subject matter in a classroom are usually provided in a big paper attached to the wall. I provide below one with sample text, and another with just heading. Next is a course or online course announcement. This is actually like a advertisement promoting an online class. As you can see, there is a picture of a teacher standing while holding a book and a pen. Of course you can replace the picture with any kind of picture to suit the need. Lastly in the section, you get a sample of classroom rule information. Print that classroom rule in the classroom wall so that students can see it anytime.

Class Poster Template

Blue Green and Pink Illustrated Information Poster

Free download information poster template for class


Blank Poster Template


Blank poster template that can be used to display science class information


Online Class Poster

Course Promotion Information

Online class poster template to promote online course


Classroom Rules Poster

Classroom rules information

Classroom rules poster template to inform students, attached to the wall


Event Poster Templates

Event is another type of activity that needs to be informed to many people. For example, a kid summer camp program wants more kids and children to participate in the program to make the program more fun. A summer camp program usually offers fun and creative outdoor activities that engage students in a meaningful way. Another school or students interest activity is basket ball. A basket ball match information related to the day and what teams are competing needs to be displayed in the school wall magazine so that many students see it and they can attend the match day. Furthermore, as online learning getting popular, along with events like webinar, more and more information displayed in a printed page is needed. The webinar ads example can be a starting point to edit for your own webinar series. The last one is another summer activity poster, but this one is more on the outdoor party.

Summer Camp Poster

Summer Kids Camp Event Poster Template

Event poster template to promote kids summer camp


Basket Ball Match

Basket Ball Match

event poster template to promote and inform basket ball match competition


Webinar Poster Template

Online Marketing Webinar Event

Event poster template to promote webinar event


Summer Party Poster

Summer Party Event

Event poster template to invite to summer party


Why do you need posters?

Why do you need posters? This question should be answered by different people from different settings. As of my experience almost every publication that intends to inform many people requires a poster. Let’s dig in:


Competition is held in almost every where: in school, work place, community, and you name it whether it is for local, domestic, national, international, or any scope. Let’s take an example setting, a school setting. School, any school, will always conduct a competition: academic based competition, sport based competition, art based competition, and the likes. A sport based competition like basket ball competition needs to be announced to the whole school members. Thus, poster comes handy. Attaching the posters to some specific places in school (with permission) will tell so many school members. While in this social media era, it is easier to share online poster in image or pdf, printed posters attached to some walls or places at school can act more, that is as an information source and as a reminder. Furthermore, the team participating in the competition build more awareness that the competition in which the team participate in will be attended by so many school members and that they have to prepare for their best for the competition. In this case, I confidently assure that printed poster still matters a lot, regardless the popularity of social media.

Another competition at school that will always need posters is art competition, whether it is graphic or musical. Say that your school conducts painting competition, or drawing competition, or colouring competition. I believe it will be much more fun to have the invitation to participate in the art competition through poster. In addition to the online invitation publication shared through social media, again, the printed version of the art competition poster colours the school environment with a positive competitive atmosphere. This indicates how active the school is in the attempt to expose the students as learners to a wide range of opportunities that will likely bring good future to them. As a parent, I myself, feel so interested and proud to the school in which my daughter is studying at. The posters of art competition, it was a colouring competition, really make me trust the school more. I said that it was right for me to send my daughter to this school. This positive competitive environment will surely increase students motivation in exploring more opportunities to improve the students potentials besides the academic matter offered by the school.

Academic matter competition, like math competition and the likes, will take advantage of the presence of poster that invites for participants to join the competition. This is the same purpose and results as of the use of posters for other types of competition.


Other type of events than competition, that is held at school, is a special event such as Summer Camp and other typical programs that include outdoor activities. Summer Camp is a very popular program loved by almost all students at a school. The joy of outdoor activities entices students’ imagination of exploration that involve physical activities. However, a summer camp program could end up a boring situation or even worse cancelled if there were no participants joining in the program. Thus, promoting the program is required, and poster will come handy. A formal letter invitation to participate a summer program may sound official, but it does not bring the imagination of the joy into the students mind, but the visual representation of the program through photos, illustrations, and all important aspects of a poster will help invite more students to participate in.


Informational poster, in any setting, is very useful not only to inform people, but also to educate them. As focuses on educational setting, I would like to be more specific to the school setting. Here is the matter. Do you remember the classroom rules attached to the wall of your classroom? I hope the answer is yes. As in my case, when I was a student, it was difficult for me to remember so many classroom rules that I had to obey, and I thanked so much to my teacher who put a poster to the classroom wall. The poster contains the classroom rules arranged rigidly. Although it was not designed as fancy as it could have been, the information in the plain text form was quite helpful. The only thing that I regretted was that the plain text looked so official and yet so scary to me. I expected that the design could have been more friendly, and aesthetically to the students like me. Thus, poster design like ones I provide here in this page should be used by teachers at any school to promote the classroom rules.

You can decorate your poster design with some additional pictures or artworks. You can make use of online drawing websites to get it done easily.

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