teach telling time with jungle time app

Teach Your Kids to Tell Time with 8 Effective Apps

Telling time is a must have ability by all kids. Parents have to train their children to practice telling time. You can use iphone or ipads apps to teach your…

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Kids Safe Search Engines

Use Kids friendly safe search engine for your children to browse and surf the internet. These kid search engine list will bring goodness to your children, avoiding unexpected content. All…

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Download Free Printable and Editable Animal Flashcard Template Power Point

Edutechspot.com created printable and editable flashcard template for teaching purposes. You can easily edit as the templates are created in power point. Use png image to put into the middle…

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How to protect Wordpress Video from download

How to protect Video in WordPress from being downloaded

Last Updated: 04 Januari 2021. Protecting online course video from being downloaded is not easy. It is almost impossible to protect videos from being downloaded, but with this wordpress plugin,…

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25+ Free Editable School Brochure Flyer Poster Templates

Hi! welcome back to edutechspot.com. Schools always deal with printable documents like brochures, flyers, posters, invitations, programs, agenda, awards, reports, and many others for various purposes. It is a daunting…

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What do you give for Teacher Appreciation Day

What do you give for Teacher Appreciation Day? Related to Technology

What do you give for Teacher Appreciation Day? this question is frequently asked during the teacher appreciation day. In relation to the use of technology nowadays. It is suggested that…

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How To Create Interactive Fiction Text Game Like Choose Your Own Story

Teaching and learning with interactive fiction can be done easily. You can create your own choose your adventure game, an interactive fiction text adventure game using a simple online tool…

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25 Free Google Docs Newspaper And Newsletter Template For Classroom And School

For educational purposes, newspaper is a highly recommended teaching media to enhance students’ participation in writing class. Writing class would be so boring If it were only a writing task…

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Create Educational Comic Strips Online with Canva

Comic strips have been widely used by educators and teachers for their teaching media. It may be easy for teachers with drawing skills to make their own comic strips manually,…

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Interactive English Phonemic Chart To Teach Pronunciation

Teaching English pronunciation using technology is so much fun and a lot easier. When I was in the university, studying English, my teacher taught me English pronunciation using printed books…

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