Google Docs Book Template

Google Docs Book Template that we provide are book template google docs in various uses. You can pick a specific uses that we listed in the table of content. Using google doc book template can make your book writing project easier. Besides its being free, Google Drive apps offers you online services that you can access anywhere you have time. You can start writing text anytime, pause it anytime, and continue it anytime convenient to you. In the mean time, you can also check the free google docs templates.

Book Template Google Docs offers

Cook Book

Cook book template google docs in this section is another book template for google docs that you can use to contain your writing about food recipe. I agree that a hobby of cooking is a hobby that offers a lot of fun. You can experiment with different style and recipe of cooking, even for a single food with various distinct recipe from across countries. You do not want to lose your food recipe that you have found through your experiment, thus you want to keep it nicely in your personal cook book. Hence, to make it easier, you can use this cook book for free.

Poetry Book

Poetry book template google docs set for you here is a good framework for you to support your creative writing especially poetry. Poetry is an aesthetic work that offers beauty, fantasy, and wonder world of imagination through literacy. Keeping your poetry pieces in a google book template specifically designed for poetry works will make it fun even more. This type of google drive book template will help you improve your productivity in writing poetry. You will produce more poetry titles. You will become a great and experienced poets.

Recipe Book

Recipe book template google docs offers is actually similar to the cook book one. However, they all are free book template for google docs that focus on cuisine. Hence, if you like to do cooking, and you like to create a new recipe every time you cook, it is time for you to write every recipe you make in a recipe book.

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Children’s Book

Children’s book template google docs version in this page will complete your collection. Some parents want to create their own children book for their beloved children. There are various reasons for this idea. Some of them may be because they want to educate a specific value to their kids through a children book that is full of pictures and images. They cannot find a suitable children book that teaches a value to they want their kids to understand and apply to their lives. Thus, having their own children book will suit the need, and the children’s book version will help them with this type of project.

Story Book

Story book template google docs platform in another children focused work. Using this template, parents can benefit fast creation of story book. The layout and arrangement will make it a breeze for you to start writing their own story book. However, keep in mind that the term story book does not necessarily relates to children book, the story can be any genre of story. It can romance, horror, tragedy, and the likes. We provide this google docs book template free for your. Go get it to your google drive account and start your creative work through unlimited wonderful imagination.

Coupon Book

If you are working on collecting coupon, you may want to use this coupon book template google docs. You can also print the coupons. You can use the coupons with serial number to make every coupon is unique, and thus can be used singularly for every person receiving the coupon, avoiding duplicates.

Mini Book

Mini book template offers in this section can be categorised as booklet template. This is because mini book is another name of booklet. If you plan to write a short story that you want to self publish in a mini book or booklet, you can make use of this template. Although this mini book template is originally produced for google docs, this can also be edited in Microsoft word. It does not matter what text editor that you use to write the content of the mini books of yours, the most important thing is the writing itself. As long as you can expose your internal wander into words so that everyone can read, it is a go go.

Flip Book

Flip book template google docs that we try to offer for you here will make it easier for you to create your digital flip book. I cannot deny, flip book is very interesting. When I was a kid, I love to see my mother creating a flip book for me. It is very exciting to open each page and read what was inside. It is not similar to other normal book. Flip book’s chapter is visible so that we can grab the earlier page and then we open the next page. There is a kind of footer in every page. Every page has different height so that when they are together, they look like a pile of pages in which each page is visible. Inviting your children to make a flip book will give them fun days and moments. It boosts creativity. You will love it, especially as parents.

Picture Book

Picture book template google docs format that you see here is a kind of tool for you to compile all photos in different moments. Each moment can be used as a category photos with the same type such as location. Having a picture book is not always for photo, you can also use picture book to story pictures you have collected from nearly any media such as newspaper, newsletter, poster, and any medium you encounter. For example, you are a bird lover. You really like to collect photos of beautiful birds. Then, there is a media, such as a magazine with a photo of a beautiful bird. You cut the photo, and you glue to a page in the picture book.

Guest Book

Guest book template google docs made for you can make it easy to list all the guests coming to your office. It is a common act for a guest to fill in the guest book. Guest book is a good communication and public relationship tool. One can leverage the information the guest book collected for you every time a guest coming to you. It is very often that later on you may need to contact a specific guest that had come to you before. There are times when you do not have their contacts number/phone or email. In this case, you can count on the guest book, which usually consists of the name, email, phone number, address, and any information that the quest is willing to share with you.

Chapter Book

Chapter book template google docs format that we put here in this page is actually a part of book template in general. You can use this type of book chapter format for various type of work including fiction as well as non-fiction. You may have seen this kind of book chapter formatting and layout when you read a book whether it is a printed book or a digital book in form of pdf file or epub, or any format usually read in a specific device like that of Amazon Kindle. If you try to write you own fiction or non fiction work, you can use this chapter book template in google docs.

Why using Google Docs Book Template?

Google drive offers free online application that enables you to create your own book. You can write the book anytime you want as long as you have internet connection. You don’t need an expensive paid subscription of text editor such that of Microsoft office that you cannot afford.

Editable Google Docs Book Template

The book template that we provide here, all of them, are editable, especially in Google Docs. However, you can use your Microsoft word if you want. You just need to download it in docx version and you can edit it offline in you own pc. For some people, editing in microsoft word is preferred. This is because it does not need internet connection. Some people do not have a good internet connection, thus they like to edit it offline. Another reason common people have why it is more convenient to edit in microsoft word is that because they have been using microsoft word for so long time, and they already got used to the toolbar in the Word.

Are the Google Docs Book Template offered here free?

Yes, they are all free to download, edit, share, and print for any type of purposes: personal or business or commercial.

Where to Get Images?

You can get images by creating your own artwork. Here are some Digital Art Websites .


I hope that you all take benefit from the files we share here. Productivity is not limited by tools. All you need to do is to keep producing works. Don’t limit yourself by aiming at great works as it will only hinder you from starting to do it. Every work is great. Please don’t undervalue your work. Every piece of your work is the result and the fruit of a wonderful imagination and ideas coming by your mind.

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