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Google Docs Novel Template is another Google Docs . Writing a novel is an enjoyable activity, at least to some people who love creative writing. I have heard some prominent writers assert that writing a novel requires beyond patience and persistence, it needs guides, and the novel template will be that guide.

The following google docs novel template functions as book outline or novel outline that can help a writer arrange and manage the plot of the story through plot outline.

Novel Template Google Docs

Google Docs Novel Template 1

A book writing, especially on creative works, will benefit most using this novel brainstorming template that will later lead a writer into composing a great novel. This google docs novel outline template is to make sure that the story written is within the creative control of the writer. This google docs story template can help novel writing a less daunting job. This will be your best choice of Google Docs Template For Writing a Novel.

Google Docs Novel Template Free

Google Docs Novel Template 2

This is another google docs book template, especially novel-like fiction work, has been proven to be useful for guiding a fiction writer shaped the fundamental skeleton of their story. For example, a short story writer can leverage this as a short story outline. If you are writing a novel in google docs, using this template is one of your great medium because it can work as a google docs story planner.

Alright class, today we’re diving into the world of digital writing with Google Docs. Now, why Google Docs, you may ask? Well, it’s not just any word processor; it’s a versatile tool that can revolutionize your writing process. With its user-friendly interface and cloud-based accessibility, Google Docs offers writers a convenient platform to bring their stories to life. Plus, it’s absolutely free to use, making it accessible to writers of all backgrounds.

Now, let’s talk about novel templates. These pre-designed layouts are like blueprints for your story, helping you stay organized and focused as you write. With Google Docs, you have access to a variety of novel templates tailored to different genres and writing styles. Whether you’re crafting a fantasy epic or a steamy romance, there’s a template for you. And the best part? You can download these templates with just a few clicks, saving you time and effort in the planning process.

But what about formatting and outlining your novel? Don’t worry, Google Docs has you covered there too. With its built-in formatting tools and customizable layouts, you can easily structure your story and make it look polished and professional. And if you ever get stuck, just type “how to format a novel in Google Docs” into the search bar, and you’ll find a wealth of resources and tutorials to guide you along the way.

I would say that, Google Docs is not just a word processor; it’s a writer’s best friend. From novel templates to formatting tips, this powerful tool has everything you need to bring your story to life. So why wait? Start writing your masterpiece today with Google Docs!

Wondering how to write a novel on google docs? first step is to get used to an essential skill, a technical skill, that is how to format a novel in google docs.

The story outline template google docs offered in this page will make it easy for you to arrange the flow of your novel. It is essential to monitor how the story goes. This story outline is also helpful for those who are trying to learn how to write a story on google docs. As long or short story requires long time writing and continuity, using google docs is favourable because the document can be opened anywhere.

My Experience in Writing a Novel

To be honest, I really want to be a fiction writer. In fact, I have tried to write short stories. They are really short. I was not an experienced fiction writer, and I still am not a professional fiction writer until this very time.

However, writing is still my big passion. I really love jotting down character by character, words by words, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph until it makes a great discourse. Although I have not been that successful as a fiction writer, at least I am still writing, and I will keep being productive. Writing a blog post like this one is one of the result of my love to writing.

This is because maybe it is related to my hobby of telling stories. I really like telling stories to my friends, my children, and my students. In short, I like sharing information.

Start from now, since I found these two templates, I want to start again. I try to build my internal motivation to write fiction again. I want to let my creative imagination go wild again, exploring the never before world. Then, I share my imaginative, never ending, Neverland world to other people, to my beloved readers.

I really like using this google docs version because I can continue whenever and wherever I can. As long as I have a good internet connection, and I bring my smartphone, I can continue crafting the story.

Furthermore, I love the outlining template. It gives me control over my story flows. Based on my experience, why I stopped writing, it was because I did not have a clear objective of my story. I let my story go into wilderness without clear line of purpose. Using this story outline template, everything stays on track. I can stop and continue at any point I need.


Does Google Docs have a novel template?

Google Docs does not provide a specific template for novel writing, but we have two useful google docs template specifically designed for novel writing. It comes with story line, plot, and chapters.

Is there a template for writing a novel?

In fact there are free templates for writing a novel. We share with you the google docs version. However, if you prefer editing it using Microsoft Word, you can download it in .docx, and you can edit it offline.

Where do I start writing a novel?

You need a clear picture of how your novel would become and would look like. This predictable output will motivate and guide you to complete your novel writing.

How long is a novel?

As a beginner who want to propel him/herself to write a novel, aim at 70,000 words. You will become more productive afterward.

What are the steps to outline a novel?

Create a compelling concept.
Make a rough sketch of scenario ideas.
Inquire about your characters.
Examine your options.
Make a detailed outline.
Reduce the length of your outline.
Put your plan of action into action.

Once you get the copy of this template, you can jump start your novel writing project. My suggestion is to use the outlining. At first, you can manage or lets say force yourself to stick to the plan. You plan your story from the beginning, the conflict, and the resolution right from ahead.

Deciding where the story will end will give you a good line that you can follow. I understand that imagination can go anywhere the writer’s mind wants to go, but if the writer keeps following that wandering imagination, the story will never end, and it will not have a clear purpose.

Not using a storyline, chapters, plot, and other guiding elements a novel should have will only result in a writer suddenly ends the story because he runs out of idea. In addition, this is also usually caused by the wandering mind that make the mind itself tired and exhausted, leading to the decision to end the story prematurely.

Do you find this Google Docs Novel Template useful?

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