ESOL Lesson Plan Template

This ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Lesson Plan Template is a structured framework utilized by educators to effectively plan and deliver English language instruction to students learning English as a second or additional language. Look at this preview:

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When I look at similar types of template like this, they typically contain sections for outlining lesson objectives, aligning with language standards, assessing student understanding, detailing instructional activities, materials, and differentiation strategies, and providing space for teacher reflection.

If you decide to use these elements, I believe that the instruction in your classroom will be comprehensive, aligned with language standards, and responsive to the diverse needs of English language learners. This in turn will ultimately facilitate their language acquisition and proficiency.

Used in Lowell Public Schools K12 Levels

The lesson plan template described is utilized within schools like those in the Lowell Public Schools district. Teachers who work in schools with similar characteristics to Lowell Public Schools, such as diverse student populations, English language learners, and a focus on equitable education, are encouraged to consider using this comprehensive lesson plan template.

Furthermore, Its structured framework ensures alignment with curriculum standards, differentiation to meet diverse student needs, and opportunities for reflection and improvement.

I encourage adopting this template, so educators can enhance their instructional planning and delivery, ultimately benefiting students in similar educational settings.

About this Template

The “Exploring Language and Culture” lesson, part of the “Global Connections” unit, is tailored for intermediate adult learners. This lesson plan template, designed using insights from Achieve the Core’s Lesson Planning Tool by Student Achievement Partners and William Schaffer, PD Specialist at Northampton Community College in Tannersville, PA, as well as contributions from the SABES ESOL Curriculum & Instruction PD Center in collaboration with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary Education, Adult and Community Learning Services in July 2019.

This focuses on enhancing language proficiency and cultural understanding. Lasting two hours with eight classes in the unit, it aligns with language proficiency standards, emphasizing the analysis of complex texts and academic language development.

As you can see in the template above that throughout the lesson, students engage in discussions, written responses, and presentations to demonstrate their comprehension and language skills.

Activities like role-playing, group discussions, and vocabulary expansion exercises, all aimed at fostering critical thinking and language production.

Like other standard lesson plan, the lesson concludes with reflective activities, promoting self-assessment and peer feedback to reinforce learning. This comprehensive framework ensures a related approach to ESOL instruction, promoting student success and engagement.


My favourite part of this lesson plan is the body of the lesson. it contains guiding questions to help teachers shape the classroom activities.

Guiding Questions

  • What opportunities will students have to practice new language and use it in authentic communicative activities?  
  • What questions will I pose to engage students, foster thinking and reasoning, and elicit language production? 
  • What academic and content vocabulary will students learn?
  • How will I monitor the student learning and acquisition of language targets of the lesson? 
  • What opportunities will students need for scaffolding and differentiation?
  • How are the CCRS Instructional Shifts evidenced in student performance?
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