Daily Instructional Lesson Plan

This is the Daily Instructional Lesson Plan template used in Montgomery County Public Schools. This Lesson plan template is suitable for students in the schools. The teachers recommend using this lesson plan. Schools with similar characteristics may benefit using this template.

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Today’s instructional lesson plan is utilized within the educational framework of Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), specifically designed for the diverse student population served by the district. This lesson plan template adheres to the standards and guidelines set forth by MCPS to ensure consistency and effectiveness in teaching and learning.

Lesson Overview

In today’s lesson, we’ll be focusing on a specific topic within the designated content area, course, and grade level. This lesson is part of a larger unit of study, and its aim is to address certain indicators, sub-outcomes, or expectations outlined in the curriculum. By the end of the lesson, students should achieve certain learning outcomes that align with the objectives set for this particular instructional session.

Context for Learning

Today’s lesson takes place within a particular context for learning, which may include factors such as the classroom environment, student demographics, and any relevant background information necessary for understanding the content. Understanding this context is crucial for effective instructional delivery.

Opening Activities/Motivation

To kick off the lesson, we’ll begin with opening activities or a motivation strategy designed to engage students’ interest and establish relevance to the topic at hand. These initial activities are intended to capture students’ attention and create a positive learning atmosphere.


The lesson will then proceed with a series of procedures laid out step by step. These procedures encompass the activities, instruction, and interactions that will occur during the class session. Each step is carefully planned to facilitate student learning and achieve the desired outcomes.


Throughout the lesson, various forms of assessment and evaluation will be employed, both formative and summative, to gauge student understanding and progress. These assessments serve as checkpoints to inform instruction and provide feedback to both students and the teacher.


As the lesson draws to a close, there will be a deliberate closure activity or discussion aimed at summarizing key points covered during the lesson and reinforcing connections to future learning. This closure helps solidify student understanding and provides a sense of completion to the instructional session.

Weekly Lesson Planning: Additionally, for a broader perspective, a weekly lesson plan template can be utilized to map out lessons for the entire week. This template provides a structured framework for planning each day’s instruction, ensuring coherence and continuity throughout the week’s learning activities.

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