Small Group Lesson Plan Template

Small Group Lesson Plan Template that are editable for you to download and customize they way you like it as a teacher. Teachers occasionally need a small group learning, like to have small group discussion or any type of cooperative learning. Well, here are the files and some necessary information for you to start with. Happy lesson planning!

Small Group Lesson Plan Template Files to Download

Small Group Lesson Plan Template for grade 1 to 10

This lesson plan template helps teachers outline how to carry out a small group lesson. Planning for group activities can be quite tricky, and it’s crucial for students to engage in collaborative work with peers of diverse learning abilities. The template provides a comprehensive guide for teachers to plan group activities in their classes, suitable for various grade levels, including 1st to 10th grade.

This lesson plan template serves as a structured guide for teachers to organize and execute small group lessons. The teacher specifies essential details such as the lesson title, date, duration, subject/standards, materials, and vocabulary. Under the “Students will know,” “Students will be able to,” and “Students will understand” sections, the teacher outlines the learning objectives.

The lesson begins with an engaging introduction or hook to capture students’ attention. The instruction phase (“I do”) involves the teacher modeling the concept. The guided practice (“We do”) and independent practice (“You do”) sections facilitate gradual student engagement and understanding.

The template also accommodates small group instruction, dividing students into different groups (Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, and Group 4). The lesson concludes with a closing segment and assessments to gauge student learning.

This user-friendly template is designed for practical use, emphasizing clarity and coherence in lesson planning. Visit for additional educational resources.

Small Group Lesson Plan Template READING

The Small Group Lesson Plan Template for reading is designed to structure a focused and goal-oriented session for a specific group on a designated date. The template includes sections for before, during, and after reading activities, as well as a space for reflection.

In the “Before Reading” section, there is an acknowledgment of an initial activity and an introduction to the book, ensuring the group is adequately prepared for the reading session.

The “During Reading” phase emphasizes maintaining attention on the specified goal while considering the assigned reading level. Following the reading, the “After Reading” section incorporates discussions to delve into the content, encouraging engagement and comprehension.

The lesson concludes with a “Reflection” segment, allowing participants to contemplate and solidify their understanding of the reading material. The template provides a clear and organized framework to guide educators in orchestrating a comprehensive reading lesson tailored to a specific group’s needs and objectives.

Small Group Lesson Plan Defined

Small Group Lesson Plan involves instructing a small number of students, typically ranging from 2 to 6 individuals. The grouping is determined by the students’ advancement and requirements, allowing the teacher to address areas where additional assistance is required. This type of instruction occurs subsequent to the completion of whole group teaching sessions.

Small Group Learning Examples

What are effective approaches for instructing small groups? Your small groups could involve strategy lessons in reading, writing, or math, shared reading and writing activities, phonics review, guided reading sessions, reteaching, preteaching, or enrichment in any subject, as well as conferring in reading, writing, or math, and language development.

How to organize a small group session

To maximize the benefits of small group instruction, it’s crucial to plan in advance and adhere to a consistent routine. The most successful small group sessions typically concentrate on one primary goal and incorporate about three to four activities. Following a routine like introducing or reviewing, practicing, and assessing is an excellent approach to structure your small group sessions.

Benefit of Small Group Learning

Students engaged in small group learning actively participate in their studies, feel empowered to ask questions and assist their peers, and can comprehend material at a pace that suits their individual needs. This form of learning creates an environment where both students and teachers can mutually benefit from the learning process.

Small Group Learning Strategies

Small group strategies encompass a variety of interactive and dynamic approaches to learning. Flexible grouping allows for adaptable student combinations, while nominal brainstorming encourages creative idea generation. Think-Pair-Share fosters collaborative thinking, and cooperative learning groups promote teamwork. Flash cards offer quick review opportunities, and interviews provide interactive assessments. Group discussions encourage shared insights, and learning centers facilitate diverse skill exploration. These strategies collectively enhance engagement and cater to different learning preferences within a small group setting.

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