What do you give for Teacher Appreciation Day? Related to Technology

What do you give for Teacher Appreciation Day? this question is frequently asked during the teacher appreciation day. In relation to the use of technology nowadays. It is suggested that appreciating teacher to the use of technology in their teaching be given to teachers.

For a quick tip, find a teacher appreciation week deals and think about what technology might be used or useful to the teachers especially for their professionalism.

Here are some technologies you can give in teacher appreciation day:

New Smart Phone

In digital era, using smartphone for teaching activities is a must. When the teacher has no access to smartphone, it is likely that he/she is will not explore the use of technology for their teaching. New Smartphone as a gift in teacher appreciation day would be much appreciated. They will thank so much.

Tablet Computer

When a teacher is grading his/her students using online apps or even offline apps, as well as managing the class, he/she certainly needs tablet computer to support the work.


Most teachers love reading books. The technology that presents for book readers is Amazon Kindle. Giving Kindle to the teachers in teacher appreciation day is a good idea.

Android / IOS apps subscription

To manage classes, online courses, and online tools to support teaching, teachers usually subscribe to android or IOS apps. To appreciate their dedication in using technology for teaching, helping them pay the subscription will be a gift that will be memorized.

Online tool subscription

Besides mobile apps subscription, other online web based tool subscription is good as the presents for the teachers. They can subscribe or purchase online software to support their teaching activities.

You may not know what technology will be very beneficial for the teacher unless you asked them what technology they need to support their teaching.

To encourage and motivate them becoming better teacher or maintaining their being good teacher who can use and implement technology properly for education, teacher appreciation day is a perfect occasion and opportunity to present them with appreciating gifts that is actually useful for the professionalism.

Aliv Faizal M
Aliv Faizal M

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