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Utilize child-friendly safe search engines to ensure your children can explore the internet safely. These curated lists of kid-friendly search engines prioritize filtering content suitable for children, safeguarding them from unexpected material. As parents, it’s essential to shield your children from any harmful or inappropriate content that could negatively impact them. By providing access to safe search engines, you’re empowering them to navigate the internet positively. Consider bookmarking or setting these alternatives as the homepage on your children’s computer browser to enhance their online experience. Here are some recommended options:

List of Safe and Kids friendly search engines

1. kidtopia

Kids safe Search Engine Kidtopia

kidtopia provides your kids with safe search engine coming with numerous educational categories including language arts, people, animals, games/activities, countries, math and many more. With these categories, your kids can select one of them and start digging a number of useful contents designed for kids level.

2. safe search engine for kids

Kids search gives, in general, almost the same as that of kidtopia. Your kids can focus the search on the web, pictures, videos, games, and other interesting stuff. Along with the search engine service, kids search also provides useful links arranged in specific widgets namely references (wikipedia, dictionary, encyclopedia, thesaurus, answers), education (math, homework, reading, science, social studies), recreation (art, music, sports, games, weird stuff), and tools (kid’s paint, calculator, measurements, converters, translation).

3. safe search engine for kids

While the visual design of “Teach the Children Well” may not boast the same level of sophistication as some other kid-friendly search engines, it offers an abundance of highly valuable educational resources for children. Users can choose from a variety of categories, including home, game of the day, science, animals, language arts, social studies, the arts, math, technology, challenges, early learning, parents and teachers, as well as blog and other topics. Despite its simple appearance, this search engine compiles a wealth of enriching content for kids, with links leading to a plethora of educational information that is both useful and engaging.

4. safe search engine for young learner

Kiddle is a pretty fancy and accurate kids search engine. The robot icon in the page determines that this is for kids. This kids friendly safe search engine uses the power of google but with custom settings specifically for kids. I have tried inputting the keyword “chicken” and it resulted all about chicken and all the pages are for kids. There is no single web result that leads to adults topic of the word chicken. I guarantee that this one is perfect for kids. Although there is some text ads in the top for the search result, the ads content has been filtered for kids. This is a safe visual search engine for kids.

It also provides a kind of wikipedia for kids, Kpedia. It consists of articles specifically written for kids and educational purposes. The contents cover science, astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, measurement and units, timekeeping, food and beverages, and many more.

5. safe search engine for children

unlike google, duckduckgo is a search engine that does not track the users activity. This may not be the one that focus on providing safe content for kids as this results general content for all ages without restriction. You may not want to suggest this for your kids if you fully give them access to internet, but if they use internet with your guidance, this one is a good choice as the activity and preferences of the users remain secret.

6. Gogooligans

Gooligans name is almost similar in sound to the name of google. Yes! this search engine is powered by google with specific modifications. It says to be advanced safe search for kids and teens. This search engine serves as educational and academics search engine. It claimed itself as simple, safe and kid oriented.

This kid search engine is friendly with students with disabilities. it provides pop up that enables students with disabilities to use specific keyboard.

Gooligans has continually added index website that are safe for children. nearly more than 17.200 indexes have been added only for one subject “technology” and this number is continually increasing a long with the increasing number of websites around the internet.

7. Kidrex

Kidrex is a straightforward web browser designed specifically for children. Its playful illustration of a T-rex adds a kid-friendly touch to the interface. Kidrex utilizes a customized version of the Google search engine, tailored to ensure a safe browsing experience for kids.

8. Safe Search Kids

Safe Search Kids comes with fancy website design with vivid and fresh colours that are very kiddy. It comes with tabbed sections: safe search, safe images, safe wiki, and safe videos. This is also powered by google with particular customisation.

Safe search kids also provides articles for parents to guide and nurture their kids in relation to safe internet and health internet experience.

The only flaw, in my opinion, is that this site runs ads. Although the ads appearing usually about kids like language learning, phonics learning, and other kids learning things, sometimes, it may provide ads that are possibly harmful or not really suit with children as the ads may appear triggered by search history of their parents.

9. Fact Monster

I believe your kids will love this safe search engine. In fact, this is not just a safe search engine, it is a site specifically provided for kids to find the joy of learning.

It provides a lot of games for kids to play with different levels. take the tic tac toe game for example. I have tried playing the game and it was so fun. I can select the level of difficulty. here is the shot:

tic tac toe game with different difficultly level from safe search kids

This site supports with numerous sections for your kids to explore more:

the sections include: world, united states, science, videos, language arts, math, holidays, and games. As parents you may want to check fact monster first before you actually bring this site to your kids. study what it provides so that later you can explain and guide your kids in exploring and getting the most out of the site.

the one thing to be careful of is that fact monster runs ads.

10. cybersleuth-kids

when it comes to printables, cybersleuth kids is the answer. this site, besides as a safe search engine for kids, also provides with decent learning media for children. As parents you may want to download some printables, print and let your kids learn with it. It also provides kids games that are purposively designed and developed to enhance and boost children learning capabilities.

It also provides articles in various ranges including animations, art and music, fun and games, clip art, computer, geography, and so forth.

11. Kids Search

kids search top sites for kids

kidzsearch looks very simple. it offers safe search for kids and various categories for learning. However, when you scroll down. you will see a lot of links to websites providing games and other learning media for kids. I never realised that there are actually a lot of sites providing games for children. the games were developed through careful engagement of learning theories. choose the site that you are interested in and start to explore.

here is the shot:

useful websites providing educational games for kids

Those are the safe search engine for kids. Some of the run ads that need careful attention of the parents to guide the kids during the browsing. some of them may be bookmarked or set as the default homepage to open whenever a browser is opened.

In my opinion, it is important to notify kids that they can find a lot of cool things on the internet using these browser. Internet is a very good learning media for every body to learn about almost anything in the world. However, without carefulness and maturity in using it wisely, internet can turn to be something really dangerous that can destroy the future of our kids.

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