Teaching English Phonetics Sounds using Mcmillan Pronunciation App for Android

Teaching English phonetic sounds and pronunciation has never been easier until computer technology comes to help. As the technology evolves, the education world has made use of it as teaching aid.

Previously, instructors would teach phonetic symbols by directly demonstrating examples to students. However, with the advent of Android technology, McMillan has introduced pronunciation apps that educators can utilize in the classroom to teach English pronunciation.

English phonetics with examples

The app offers both a learning mode and a practice mode. In the learning mode, users can tap on individual phonetic sounds to hear the sound and example words. In the practice mode, users are guided to apply phonetics to write the pronunciation of words.

This pronunciation app is very useful and effective to bring into classroom. Students, especially EFL or ESL learners, can improve their English pronunciation skills significantly.

The free version is enough for learning purposes. However, if you desire the premium version, you can upgrade it at anytime you want.

English pronunciation guidelines

Check out the McMillan Pronunciation App for Android – it’s like having a pronunciation coach right in your pocket! This app’s got all the tips and tricks you need to nail English pronunciation. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already pretty good, there’s something for everyone. It’s got audio examples, easy-to-follow guides, and even fun exercises to practice with. So, if you wanna sound more like a pro when you speak English, give it a shot! Trust me, it’s gonna make a real difference. Go ahead, download it and start sounding like a native speaker in no time!

Teaching english pronunciation with app

For teaching purpose, this free version is more than enough for me. I encourage my students install this app into their android phones. This app is also available for IOS users. Just go to appstore and search with keyword “pronunciation”.

Providing students with knowledge on phonetic transcription is very essential especially when they check the pronunciation of a word in printed dictionary.

So, teachers.. want to use this pronunciation app in your classroom or share it with your students?

Get it from Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.macmillan.app.soundsfree

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