Teach Your Kids to Tell Time with 8 Effective Apps

Telling time is a must have ability by all kids. Parents have to train their children to practice telling time. You can use iphone or ipads apps to teach your kids to tell time. Here are some recommendations that have been proven effective.

Educational Apps to Teach Your Kids to Tell Time Effectively

Jungle Time

teach telling time with jungle time app

Jungle time is an easy to use app for teaching your kids how to tell time. The simple jungle interface may catch your kids attention and you can start teaching them how to tell time. This is similar to a game of telling time. the interface resembles the actual circle clock usually attached to the wall. Parents can set the time and invite the kids to tell the time. Of course, the parents must first give examples.

Tic Toc Time

Tic Toc Time android app to teach kids tell time

Tic toc is an android app that you can use to assist you in teaching your children learn to tell time. This app is loved by so many parents as it also provides with the minutes used in an our or second in a minute. it puts additional number in 5 range (5 10 15 until 60). Using this guide, kids will learn to tell time more effectively and fast. your children will learn digital clock and also conventional clock.

Todo Telling Time

To do telling time ios iphone app

Todo Telling time is available for android and ios that can be downloaded form itunes. children will learn to tell hour and minutes. the simple and fun interface with flat design makes it look so fresh and fun.

Quick Clocks

Quick Clocks app to teach children learn to tell time

This app comes with quiz for your kids to practice telling time. It uses simple realistic clock to make it easier to understand. the quiz is also served in digital clock for your kids to write on the app.

Zcooly Ranch

zcooly ranch app to tell time

your kids will learn both analogue and digital clocks. It comes with ranch background. Happy farming and happy learn to tell time.

Timeland Calendar & Clock

This app is pretty simple yet contains a lot of games and loved by lots of parents for teaching telling time. Watch the video below to get overview before you decide to purchase the app.

Interactive Telling Time

Interactive Telling time apps for kids to learn to tell time

As the name suggest, this app is interactive. it will invite your kids to actively participate in learning to tell time. The app will require the player to interact with some questions, quiz, and specific instruction to lead and guide them unconsciously learn to tell time. It comes with several themes like aquarium and so on.

Elapsed Time

Elapsed time realistic apps to teach kids telling time

This app look very simple. The simplest of the list here. However, in terms of effectivity and seriousness of learning, this may lead the way.

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