12 FREE Printable Periodic Tables PDF, PNG, SVG HD

High Resolution Periodic Table. Are you teaching or learning periodic table of elements? Here are 12 interactive and printable in HD PDF ones. Use it online interactively or Print periodic table pdf as wallpaper for free.

I have browsed the internet and found the following complete list of interactive and printable Periodic Table of Elements. Periodic table of elements is a necessary material in learning chemistry.

When teaching chemistry, especially about Periodic Table of Elements, teachers or students usually need the interactive learning media or the printable.

For High Resolution Periodic Table, There are so many designs of Periodic Table of Elements for either interactive or printable. You may find what I have collected useful. I collected only the interactive ones, and the printable ones are all available in PDF in High Definition or High Resolution format so that when printed, it will give the best display. Sometimes, teachers need to print Periodic Table of Elements in big size to attach to classroom wall, or students need to memorize the elements by printing it in big size and put in on his/her room wall for easy access. Here are the:

12 Current Periodic Table of Elements: Interactive and printable:

Periodic Table with Masses – ptable.com

Periodic Table of Elements Full details

ptable.com offers its own interactive periodic table of elements that comes with full details of each element. Its interactive, online, web based periodic table of elements has features such as filter by the temperature that can be adjusted with slider. The temperature information is shown in some degrees, including Celsius, Fahrenheit. It labels the elements that are solid, liquid, gas, and unknown with different color.

Hover the mouse pinter to each element, and you will see the following information shown on the right side:

Series (for example: transition metals), write up (iron, based on wikipedia), state at, weight, energy levels, electronegativity, melting point, boiling point, electron affinity, ionisation, radius, hardness, brittle, modulus, bulk, density, conductivity, thermal, heat, abundance in universe, and the discovered year.

It also provides you with printable version (portrait and landscape) in HD (high definition) pdf so that you can print them as poster to attach to classroom wall, or any appropriate place. You can learn how to read an element on the periodic table.

I uploaded the files here incase they shut down or remove the files:

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Download Periodic Table of Elements PDF: PORTRAIT | LANDSCAPE | SVG

You can also use the PDF version of the Periodic Table of Elements for test purpose. You can hide the labels and invite your students to fill in the labels.

Printable Exercise labelling periodic table of elements

To adjust (to show or hide) selected labels you can use PDF readers. The right side panel offers filter whether to show or hide specific elements. Once you hide it, you can print it and use it as exercise for your students.

Lesson Plan

If you are interested in using periodic table as learning exercise. You can see ptable’s lesson plan. For example:

Students are asked to investigate chemistry concepts. The students can use the online source to find information related to a specific element, such as physical properties, historical data, periodic trends, and other crucial information.

the other lesson plans are Exploring elements and Making connections between electronegativity, molecular shape, and polarity.

Here is the lesson plan link: https://ptable.com/lessonplans/

periodic table pdf with Detailed Periodic Table from Sigmaaldrich 

Sigmaaldrich provides us with flat design and colorful periodic table of elements. There are some versions: PDF, PNG, and SVG.

sigmaldrich periodic table of elements colorful design

I, myself, love the above flat and colorful design by Sigmaaldrich. For you who want different display than other typical design of rounded periodic table, this one is worth considering.

Sigmaaldrich also provides the periodic table pdf and PNG (image) version of the periodic table. If you want to print it in a very big size paper, the PDF one is better because it is basically an svg or vector so that it can stretch well in bigger size, but if you want to print in typical paper size like A4, LETTER, or Folio F4, you can use the PNG image. Here are periodic table pdf .

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High Resolution Periodic Table Colored Periodic Table from PUBCHEM

Pubchem Online interactive Periodic table of elements

The periodic table pdf  comes with interactive filter to categorise. You can choose specific property to display. There are: Chemical group block, standard state, Atomic Mass, Molar Mass, Electron Configuration, Oxidation States, Electronegativity (using Pauling Scale), Atomic Radius (using Van Der Waals), Ionization energy, and so forth.

Categorizing the display of periodic table

Interactive Game of Periodic Table with Easy, Medium, and Hard Levels

Pubchem also develops a simple game yet very educational. This periodic table of elements can be used to teach students by challenging them with three levels of difficulty; easy, medium, and hard.

Teacher can use this High Resolution Periodic Table online interactive game with his/her students. It can be done in a classroom setting, or during the pandemic time, where teaching and learning activities are done though online conferencing using apps like zoom, google meet, microsoft teams, and so on, a teacher can invite his/her students play this game while sharing the screen so that the teacher and other students can watch it together.

Black and white periodic table

The Easy level.

Displays only the number and the short.

Medum Level. 

Displays only the number.

Hard Level.

Displays only table box.

Here is the game: https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/periodic-table/#view=game

In my opinion, the hidden part can be useful for printed material quiz. Imagine you were teaching chemistry, and the material were periodic table, and you would like measure your students knowledge or memory about the elements, you could print it and use it as a quiz. Every student in the class would write what they remembered about the elements; the number, the short, and the year the element found.

Most common quiz questions about Periodic Table of Elements are:
  • What are all 118 Elements?
  • Is Element 119 possible? (asking about the possibility of new element to be added)
  • Mentioning the first 20 elements.
  • What is the rarest element?
  • Mentioning the first 10 elements and the symbols.
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Periodic Table Chart from Webelements

The Periodic Table of Elements offered by Webelements is simple, and the elements are clustered in four different colors: blue, red, green, and yellow. The short of each element is clickable. When you click it, it will show you the detail information about the element.

Alternately, you can also use the printable one. It is also available in high resolution pdf. If you like the design or display of this periodic table rather than that of the others, you can print it. Here is the pdf.

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Printable Periodic Table of Elements in PDF by Webelements: DOWNLOAD PDF.

Periodic table with weights from IUPAC.ORG

The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) has taken great effort in providing us with a great interactive Periodic Table of Elements. The elements are categorized in different color and with charges. What you see in the image above is not the only representation of IUPAC work. It is more than that.

You can check it directly in its official website.

Or, if you need the pdf Version, Here are they to download.

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High Resolution Periodic Table Printable Version (PDF):



Chemicool – Labeled

Each element can be clicked to go to its detail. It also provides the founder of the element. Here is the sample:

However, chemicool does not provide High Resolution Periodic Table printable version.

LENNTECH Periodic Table Dynamic

LENNTECH offers a simple html based periodic table of elements. The online version, in my opinion, may not be that interesting/fancy compared to the others, but it serves enough information for those who want to learn more about the elements. Each element is clickable for further information.

Good news is that it provides the PDF version. The printable version of periodic table by LENNTECH is outsanding, I think.

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DOWNLOAD PDF: LENNTECH-Periodic-table-chart-of-all-chemical-elements

PERIODICTABLE with Real Image Pictures

This design offers unique display. While others group the element in boxes with colors and name, this one provides the real image representation of each element. The elements which can not be shown with its image is represented by the photo of the founder. The interesting part is that each of them can be clicked and provides more detailed information.

When clicked, each element image will bring you to the detail page, for example:

However, there is no pdf version. I think in the future, it is interesting to create the pdf version with the real image of each element. This one is very unique.

Fisher Scientific – Periodic Table Families

to make it convenient for you to observe the table, it provides you with the printable one in PDF. Here it is the High Resolution Periodic Table:

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LEARNER – Periodic Table of Elements with Names

DOWNLOAD the Printable Version in PDF:

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LEARNER Periodic Table Black-white

LEARNER Periodic Table Color

NIST.GOV with Atomic Numbers

The PDF version of High Resolution Periodic Table comes with a beautifully designed infographic:

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DOWNLOAD High Resolution Periodic Table PDF and have the periodic table printout: nist_periodictable_july2019

RSC – Groups and Periods

To have the periodic table printout, Select display with image of the elements:

periodic table pdf with real elements

More information and explanation about Periodic Table of Elements can be found in WIKIPEDIA

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