How to protect Video in WordPress from being downloaded

Protecting online course video from being downloaded is not easy. It is almost impossible to protect videos from being downloaded, but with this wordpress plugin, videos embedded in wordpress site can be protected securely. Nobody can download the videos, even using idm, browser video download addon, or any tools.

As an educator, I always want to create tutorial videos. I would like to post my videos in youtube, and I would like to embed it in my own wordpress website. Fortunately, it can be done easily. I have browsed about this topic whether it is possible to protect videos. Most programmers in the discussion said it is almost impossible to protect videos from being downloaded. 

for those who are programmers, it may be easy for them to try to code and create video protection, but for me, a non programmer, a shortcut is needed so that I can focus on my work, creating video.

After browsing here and there, I found a wordpress plugin that can protect video uploaded in my own server. here you are:

and you can see it in action. There is a video in the page that is protected by the plugin. Try to download the video using any video downloader you have. Here is the sample:

I tried to download the video. The video was downloadble, but the file was fake, so it could not be played.

So far, I am pretty convinced with that plugin. 

so now, I am preparing the content. I am making a lot of videos for my own online course.

I am quite sure that I will make money selling online course without worrying my video from being stolen and than uploaded to youtube.

However, there is still one issue. This plugin cannot prevent from being recorded through screen recording. Nevertheless, I don’t care much about that because I believe it will take longer time and much more effort to steal the video through screen recording.

In the future, the stealer may find another way to hack, break the protection, finally download the protected videos. I believe in that. but, at least, the plugin does the prevention.

What about you? will you use this plugin?

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