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5 why template is very useful. This is based on my experience, especially in teaching. Although in fact it applies to larger settings. The 5 Whys Template is a problem-solving strategy that entails constantly asking “why” to go deeper into the underlying reason of an issue. Beginning with a specified problem, each “why” reveals underlying causes until the root reason is discovered.

With that said, carefully examining problems in this manner, companies or whoever, like students, may address the underlying cause rather than merely addressing symptoms, resulting in more effective and long-term solutions.

In addition, Researchers believe that this strategy tries to improve procedures, prevent reoccurring problems, and boost general problem-solving ability in teams and organizations.

Simple 5 Why Template in Word

Many people in New Zealand or NZ use this template, although a lot more people in the world do use this too.

5 why template

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What is 5 Why Template?

The 5 Whys Template is a problem-solving technique used to identify the root cause of an issue by repeatedly asking “why” until the underlying cause is revealed. Here’s a breakdown of the template:


This section is where you define the problem you’re facing. It could be any issue or challenge that needs resolution.


Here, you identify why the problem is occurring. Ask “why” to delve deeper into the causes behind the issue. You repeat this process until you reach the root cause.


Once you’ve identified the root cause, this section outlines the corrective action needed to address the issue. It includes describing the action, assigning responsibility, and setting dates for when the action will begin and be completed.

The Purpose of Why 5 Template

The purpose of this template is to systematically analyze problems to find their root causes and implement effective solutions. Hence, this method helps prevent recurring issues by addressing their underlying causes rather than just treating symptoms.

Inventor of 5 Why

Sakichi Toyoda inventor of 5 Why

Sakichi Toyoda, the founder of Toyota Industries, established the 5 Whys approach as an integral part of the Toyota Production System. While the approach dates back to Toyota’s production operations in the 1930s, it was standardized and promoted as part of the Toyota Production System in the 1950s.

Toyota used the concept as part of their continuous improvement and problem-solving approach, with the goal of identifying the core causes of production difficulties in order to increase efficiency and quality.

Research on 5 Why Method

There are a lot of research supporting the use of 5 Why. one of them is “Using Root Cause Analysis to Help Students Examine Social Problems” by Dawn M. Francis from Cabrini University. Here is the research paper.

Francis, D. M. (2021). Using Root Cause Analysis to Help Students Examine Social Problems. Teaching Journalism & Mass Communication11(1), 61-64.

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