Blank Business Card Template Word

Blank Business Card Template Word. Doing a business require ones to have a good networking ability to broaden their business. A business card is inevitably necessary to build relationship among businessmen. Some people highly value simplicity over complexity, and this simple and clean business card template in Word is favourable.

Blank Business Card Template Word

Blank Business Card Template Word

This plain white design is considered blank because it has no distractors such as other colors and ornaments. No flowery and fancy borders. It is very simple and clean, and thus straight forward.

The card begins with Company Name and then followed by the company slogan. The company name is written in a bigger font size than the company slogan. The company slogan is written in italic. If you like this appearance, then let it be this way. All you need to do is to replace the text with the text of your choice.

You can also add a company logo is you like. You can put it on the top right. There is enough blank space there. Make sure that the company logo is not to big. Adjust the size until it looks balanced and aligned with the header elements (company name and slogan).

Replace the text “Your Name” with your own name. Under the the name is the title of your position in your workplace. If you are a freelancer, you can write “freelancer” in the title.

The contact information is positioned on the bottom left. There your write your address, city, state, zip, phone, website address / url, and your email.

Ready? here is the file to download.

10 Per Sheet Business Card Template

Blank Business Card Template Word Bulk Print 10 Cards per Page

This is what the business card design looks like when arranged in a page. One page can contain 10 cards.

To make the editing fast and easy, you need to consider using the “Replace” feature in Microsoft Word.

To replace the company name with your company name, simple Replace the word “COMPANY NAME” with the name of your company, for example “INTERNATIONAL EXPORT”. Using this technique, you will replace all COMPANY NAME text with your new text, in this case “INTERNATIONAL EXPORT”.

To replace the other text template, such as Company slogan, Your name, Title, etc, you can do the same steps as what has explained earlier.

After replacing all necessary text, you can print it using your own printer, or you go to a nearby printing service.

Before printing or sending the business card design file to the printing service, it is a good Idea to export it in pdf version first. This is because pdf version is more dependable and stable. A problem such as missing font or different layout configuration inter computer can damage the layout. Thus, having it in pdf will reduce this risk.

Even if you want to print it yourself using your own printer, it is still highly recommended to export it in pdf first before printing.

Free Downloadable Blank Business Card Template

Blank Business Card Layout Word

If you have already made your own business card template design, but you want to duplicate it and arrange it multiple card in a page, you can use this real blank business card template.

This blank business card template in Word does not contain any design, text, and nothing. Just a table with lines to indicate how many cards you can have in a single page of A4.

To use this layout template, download it into your computer and open it using Microsoft Word. Have your business card design exported in an image file such as jpg or png. Next, put the image into each box. There are 10 boxes that you can use. To fill in all the boxes, simply copy and paste the image into each box.

Once you are done with the placement of each image of business card design, export it in pdf. Then, you can print it yourself, or you send it to a printing service.

While printing your own business card using your own printer is possible, I still highly recommend using a printing service to have a better quality. This is because most printing service has a professional printer to generate high quality result with good quality paper and tint.

In some cases, the printing service nearby you is not that good, or not good enough. You have witnessed that the printer the printing service use is the one similar to yours, than there is no reason for you to use their service. You can use your own.

Anyway, here is the file to download.

Plain, Simple, and Clean Design

The Blank business card template word above version will give you an easy start to make your own business card template. While some people love to use already designed business card template with fancy colors and ornaments, some others prefer the Plain white and blank ones.

This is because Blank business card template for word does not distract you from providing the main value and information in the business card, that is your contact so that your networking people reach you easily.

Free to Use

Using this Free blank business card template will not cost you anything as it is completely free to use. The Printable and Minimalist design is for those who loves simplicity.

We would Create blank business card template with various models in the future. However, at the mean time, this Basic Square layout is enough. While it is also a good idea to make the folded or 2 Sided version of the Document, the Single one has served its purpose at best.


This Free blank business card template word version in this page is Editable. It can be used for different purposes like for student or even professionals like those working at Construction Business. Make this vintage empty business card template as your ultimate choice when it comes to business card making. With a single page, you can print 10 per sheet.

Why using Blank Business Card Template in Word?

Using Word to create your own business card template from scratch is a terrific way to enjoy tremendous aggravation. We ultimately sorted through the peculiarities after much agony and grief, and now you can escape the same misery by downloading one of the free business card designs below. In addition to the business card designs, we’ve included instructions on how to use them below, including how to add your logo, change the colors simply, and rapidly copy/paste your business card.

Stylish Business Cards Format and Design

The design is not only simple and stylish, but it is also kind on printer toner. You don’t require a color printer, but you can alter the text’s color to whatever you choose.

Using a custom business card template allows you to customize your calling card with your own images, logo, and company information. To guarantee a high-quality output that will create a positive impression on current and prospective consumers, designing a business card template requires some effort and preparation. By basing your new business card template on an existing Word template, you may speed up the creative process and save time. Another alternative is to use Word’s Labels function to build a template.

A well-designed business card may help you leave a lasting impression about your brand and company. While developing a business card may seem difficult, with the correct Microsoft Word business card template, you can quickly create one.

Using a business card template to get a sense of the design direction and save time during the design process is a wonderful method to get a feel of the design direction and save time during the design process. While there are many free Word business card templates available, investing in a premium business card template with a professional design is definitely worth it.

Important for Business Professionals and Freelancers

For professionals and freelancers, having a business card is a requirement. Furthermore, when you’re dealing with someone professionally and they ask for your business card, etiquette dictates that handing a business card is the first step of forming a connection. If you don’t have a business card yet, why not use one of the many free blank business card designs available? The templates may be used to create any kind of business card! You may also alter our Printable Blank Business Card templates by adding your own fields or eliminating any that aren’t needed, then filling in the data to have your business card ready in seconds.

For commercial transactions

Whether you operate a business or work for a corporation, you must have a business card for all commercial transactions. You may use the blank business card templates to make your own business cards if you’re seeking for business card templates. The benefit of having a blank business card template is that you may customize it to meet your specific demands and requirements. You have the option of creating your own business card (s). Your name, the name of the firm you work for, your business, and your contact information are the most vital elements to put on your business card. Business cards would be incomplete without these features.

In this digital era, it’s easy to forget about business cards, but they’re still a great method to communicate information when the need arises.

How to make business cards on word

I highly recommend making business card on word using template instead of building it yourself from scratch because it will take time for you to adapt with the learning curve. Here is the steps:

  1. Select a template from selections above.
  2. Edit all the information as you need one by one each box
  3. Add or change colours of any item of information like font name, decoration, background, etc.
  4. If you don’t like to show the line, you can change the colour of the line to white.

How to make business cards in word without template

IF you want to create your own business cards in word from scratch, here are the simplest steps:

  1. Chose the page size, especially ones that are supported by your printer, say A4, Letter, or Legal.
  2. Insert table, select two columns, and 5 rows. This will make 10 business cards.
  3. Adjust the box size, that is by adjusting the column width and height to the size that you need. You need to also consider the overall fitting size in a sheet of page.
  4. You can fill in all information that you want to show in every column. You can also use a predesigned business card template.
  5. Copy and paste the content to all columns.
  6. The business card page is ready to print and cut.

How to print business cards in word

Printing business cards in word is simple and straightforward. Here are the details you need to pay attention to:

  1. Make sure that you have thick white blank paper, lets say A4 size with level of thickness of 100 or more.
  2. Make sure that the printer quality is dependable. The ink tone is available. No stretch mark within the output. If needed, you may want to do Print Clean Head to make sure the quality is good.
  3. Open the document, in this case the business card file
  4. connect the printer to the laptop or computer, and make sure the power is on.
  5. Assuming that your printer driver is already installed in the computer, you are ready to press ctrl/Command+P
  6. A pop up window will show, you will select the printer available, select the page size, in this case A4, choose whether you want it colour or black.
  7. When everything is setup, press print button, and wait for the result to come.

How to print multiple business cards on one sheet in word

Printing multiple business cards on one sheet in word as easy as the steps elaborated above. Just the same principle.

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