Interactive English Phonemic Chart To Teach Pronunciation

Teaching English pronunciation using technology is so much fun and a lot easier. When I was in the university, studying English, my teacher taught me English pronunciation using printed books and provide me oral samples of English phonemes.

It was a good interaction between teacher and students in which there was a feeling that the teacher took efforts to explain it to us. I would like to thank to my English pronunciation teacher.

The only draw back of this teaching method is that once the teacher and students go home, and students want to study it again at home, no more example sound given as the teacher is already at home.

At that time, the solution was to use audio from cassette or mp3 played on desktop computer or laptop. With cassette, it was difficult to replay particular audio, I had to rewind and forward again and again, which is frustrating and time consuming. With computer, at that time, I played the audio using a very popular mp3 player software, Winamp. This was easier than using cassette because I could just press back and forward arrow and went to particular timeline to hear certain sounds.

But now,

As the technology for education is growing so fast, we have interactive phonemic chart published by British Council Teaching English. Here is what it looks like:

Interactive Online English Phonemic Chart to Teach Pronunciation

All English phonetics are displayed in box style. Click each phoneme and you will hear the sound. Hover the down arrow on the right top corner of each phoneme box and you will see three example words representing the phoneme. Click each word to hear the sound. This interactive pronunciation teaching media was developed with flash and it was published with .swf extension. It is embedded in the html page of

You can use it online directly in the page or download it to your computer so that you can use it without internet connection.

you can try it here online: (sorry it’s not available anymore as it was built on Flash, and that now flash is no longer supported by browsers).

Alternatively, you can use the mobile version:

Mac Version:

Android Version:

How to use interactive phonemic chart as a classroom teaching media

This interactive pronunciation teaching media can be used in classroom. Using this media, a teacher can demonstrate each phoneme and check students skill improvement. It effectively gets the students attention, builds engagement to the lesson. You can follow the steps:

  1. Download or open the interactive phonemic chart
  2. Display it in big screen TV or just display it using LCD projector to the wall of screen projector.
  3. Provide good quality active speaker. Make sure that the sound is loud enough or just comfortable for the classroom volume.
  4. Start teaching.
  5. First, click each phoneme from the first until the final phoneme. Before moving to the next phoneme, allow students to follow by repeating the phoneme sound you just clicked. You can repeat this until your students seem to develop the skill in pronouncing the phoneme well.
  6. Second, Repeat each phoneme but this time follow the sample words in the down arrow. there are three example words of each phoneme.
  7. Copy the .swf file and let your students have the file or give them the link so that they can open it. It is up to them whether they want to save it offline or just use it online. Then, invite them to study further at home.
  8. Inform them that you are going to test them individually.

Testing and Assessing Students’ English phonemic skills improvement

After encouraging students using the interactive English phonemic chart for their autonomous learning at home, you can test the improvement by asking them one by one and ask them to pronounce individual phoneme and example words not by using the interactive chart but by using printed phonetic symbol with sample words like below:

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Download [10.67 KB]

If you want to see more about the printable English phonetic chart, please visit:

It provides you with pdfs of all phonetic symbol. You can print all of them for teaching media which you can hold during explaining or testing. Or, you can use them as classroom poster. Stick them to the wall to give more exposure for learning English. Thanks to the developer:

I have used this method in my class. It was very exciting. My students love it so much and they developed their English pronunciation skills very well.

Ready to use English Phonemic Chart for autonomous learning?

Here is what you need:

Download Phonemic Charts file For Offline use:

Download Printable English Phonetic Symbols:

Thank you British Council Teaching English for providing this very useful Interactive English Pronunciation teaching media.

there are other resources that you can use:

Interactive Phonemic Chart by Englishclub:

English Phonemic Chart interactive vowels and consonants

Here, Try the interactive:

use it from the source : Click Here

or the printable one:

printable phonetic transciption

Cambridge English Interactive Phonemic Chart

use it online: Click Here

McMillan Phonemic Chart for British English

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Download [0.00 B]

Choose the British and American version here


See the complete Version of IPAChart Here

Thank you for visiting my blog I will continue trying, testing, reviewing, sharing educational technology sources via this blog. Please like and share. Thank you very much.

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