Practice English Conversation Using Speech Recognition

One of my projects, is a web app to practice English pronunciation and conversation using Speech Recognition and Speech Synthesis technology.

Currently, with my college students, I have been developing a kind of web app to practice English conversation.

Usually, in ESL (English as Second Language) or EFL (English as Foreign Language) setting, English conversation is taught using a book containing English conversation samples.

The conversation samples are usually divided into two kinds, that are grammatical, and situational.

The grammatical based conversation contains samples of conversations that use grammatical based phrases or sentences like those of tenses.

The situational based conversation consists of conversation samples in specific settings or situation like in airport, money changer, fishing, traveling, hotel, etc.

Students in Indonesia, usually learn English conversation through these kinds of book. They would read the sample conversation out loud by themselves. Pretending to be person A and B.

Sometimes, they also invite a friend as the conversation partner. One becomes person A, and the other becomes person B, having a conversation by reading the sample dialogue.

My idea is to provide a media, online media to practice English conversation.

To mimmic real conversation, a computer would be a good choice.

With speech recognition and speech technology, I am trying to bring English conversation book to be a live conversation partner.

If somebody is feeling shy of partnering with friends in practicing English conversation, then he or she can practice with a computer.

To make it easily accessible, web based app is the answer. No installation needed. Just visit the web address via chrome browser, and play.

since it is a web app opened through chrome browser, a user can access via desktop computer / laptop / and even smartphone.

This project is a work in progress.

You can check it out in

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