[ 100% WORK ] How to track a cellphone location for free and easily

Our children, students, family members, and the beloved ones are precious. We don’t want anything bad happens to them. It’s not all about being possessive, but it is because we love them, and thus we want to keep them safe.

Knowing where they are is one the many ways to protect them. Monitoring and keeping eye on their location is essential, especially for prevention from anything unwanted.

Nowadays, almost everybody has a cellphone that he/she always brings everywhere and anywhere. Monitoring where they are by tracking their cellphone location is one of the best and easiest way.

However, this cannot be done without technology.

Although, we as parents or teachers do not have enough capability one building a tech tool to track a cellphone location, we can rely on specific app that has been established in such a way or with great current technology.

Fortunately, there is one, and it is very easy to use, and the good news is that there is a free plan that can support our basic need for cellphone location tracking.


How to track a cellphone location for free and easily using apps

Useful Features

Spyic comes with useful features that most people want when it comes to tracking cellphones. It is not only tracking cellphone location but also beyond that: tracking social media chat, web browsing activities, and more.

Recent Messages Tracking

With Spyic, you can see the text messages the cellphone you are tracking. It is like spying our children’s phone, or more likely stalking, but it’s ok, for the shake of our children safety. Using this feature, you can monitor whom your children are interacting with, what they are talking about. Knowing what they are going through, you can assist them, guide them, or anything preventive. Check the screenshot below on how you can read all text messages, in and out.

Tracking Recent Locations

Tracking the cellphone location has never been easier, but with Spyic it is a lot easier. You can check different locations visited by the cellphone. It comes with the details of Address, Latitude and Longitude, google map, and location time.

You can use this feature to cope with various cases. I do not want to mention anything bad, or bad cases, but I think you know when this feature will come handy for you.

Tracking Recent Photos

Similar to the tracking text message feature, the Tracking recent photos gives you information about what photos the cellphone took. Thus, you can see what activities they were doing. Again, this feature can be so much handy and helpful when it comes to specific cases.

Try it your self here

Tracking Phone Application Activities History Using Keylogger

They keylogger features is super informative. You can see application activities from different application. For example, you can see what youtube search done by the cellphone holder.

In the Youtube tab, you can see all the search terms used by the cellphone holder.

Similar to that with Youtube App, you can also track what search terms used in the Chrome app.

And, I think this is very important, tracking facebook activities. Almost all people, kids, elders, all ages use facebook. You can track all facebook chat. You can also see activities in whatsapp, and other social media. Look at the right sidebar menu to look at what possibilities you can do with Spyic.

The complete documentation on how to install this app into the cellphone is shown here: https://spyic.com/phone-track/how-to-find-someones-location-by-cell-phone-number/

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